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This device stifles the screams so as not to disturb the conversation of torturers. The iron "box" on the inside of the ring is forced into the victim's mouth and the collar fastened behind their neck. A small hole allows the passage of air but this can be stopped up by a touch of the executioner's fingertip, producing suffocation.

The Roman Catholic Inquisitions

Spanish Inquisition...

French Torture Mask Made of Iron Which Was Used to Disguise Prisoners Transferred Between Prisons

Hand brand, for use on felons or deserters, England, 1642-1649

Spanish Donkey - The naked victim was placed astride the main board as if riding a donkey, and various numbers of weights were attached to his or her feet. The agony could be ‘fine-tuned’ by using lighter or heavier weights. Sources relate that on occasion, the wedge would slice entirely through the victim as a result of the immense weight attached to his or her feet.

Iron Maiden torture device, it pierced the body, but the spikes were placed so that it wouldn't kill the individual

Medieval Torture Device. Witch's Spider by rabidscottsman, via Flickr. Also known as a Spanish Spider. An instrument of the torture dungeon used to inflict pain and punishment. It is forced down on soft fleshy parts of the body. Then when pulled up the points close, tearing out a chunk of flesh.

Shame Mask by Mike A., via Flickr. Worn as punishment to shame a person convicted of a minor crime. From the Medieval Crime Museum in Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany.

Rat Exposure. Originally, the victim had a fine cut made in the gut - leaving some of his intestines to be seen. During the early Middle Ages, it was common to simply leave him to catch an infection, causing death in a couple of days to weeks. Nevertheless, during the later Medieval Times, torturers began using small animals to cause the victim's death faster and more painful.

The "Seville Tongue Trimmer" was a torture device used during the Spanish Inquisition. Rather than cut out the entire tongue of the alleged blasphemer, it just "took a little off the edges." It was thought to be quite humane by the standards of the day, and so was quickly abandoned and thrown onto the scrap heap of history.

"As seen here, this variation of Chinese water torture known as the “shower bath” was popular until about 1860. A steady drip of water from the vat onto the tightly bound inmate’s head could last hours or as long as the guards deemed necessary."