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World War II


WWII Tanks on normandy beach 1944.

June the 1st 1944. 6.45 pm. Embarking in Portland Harbour.

Master Sgt. George Hire watched first Japanese bomb hit dry dock at Pearl Harbor. “After the first wave of Japanese fighters attacked, came a wave of torpedo bombers that concentrated on sinking all the battleships along ‘Battleship Row. I was about 100 yards away from the Battleship Arizona when it blew up. It wasn’t the first big ship to explode. It blew up a little later than some of the other battleships. During the 2nd wave attack a Japanese plane crashed right in front of us”

Dec 23, 1942 - Bob Hope agreed to entertain U.S. airmen in Alaska. It was the first of the traditional Christmas shows. His travel to Alaska, then a U.S. territory, required a special permit. In 1997 Bob Hope was designated an honorary veteran for his humanitarian services to the United States Armed Forces by Congress. He is the only individual in history to have earned this honor. #wwii

A U.S. soldier mocks Hitler for the camera, World War II.

Nadezhda Popova was a Russian pilot during WWII. The German military called her one of the "Nachthexen", or "Night Witches" She flew 852 decoy missions in a canvas-winged plane. Dropped food and medicine to Russian marines trapped on the beach at Malaya Zemlya. She had to fly so low that she heard their cheers. After the mission, she found 42 bullet holes in her plane.She died on July 8, 2013 at the age of 91

.}Born Audrey Kathleen Ruston, she would later change her name to Edda von Heemstra to protect herself from the Germans in 1940. Later she would take her famous surname from her great grandmother, Kathleen Hepburn and the rest is history{.

Navajo Code Talkers on Saipan, June 1944

United States Navy portrait of Paul Newman: "Most Americans know actor Paul Newman had an Academy Award to his credit, but few know his list of awards also include a Navy Combat Action Ribbon and the coveted Combat Aircrew Wings he got while serving as an aviation radioman and aerial gunner during World War II."

Humanity in Warfare: Medic Corporal Roy C. Moore examining a wounded German prisoner in a field near the French town of Countances (1944)

black soldiers stationed in france during world war II. inscription reads "to nelson, always my ace, lucky"

British prisoners of war captured at Dunkirk, France, in June 1940 walk dejectedly up a hill near a German fortification

“The USS Oglala CM-4 capsized at her dock. 
Maryland BB-46 and the capsized Oklahoma BB-37 can be seen in background.”

Soviet Partisan in Belarus, 1943

California being refloated after removal of her main battery. 1942

USS Arizona - Pearl Harbor - December 7, 1941