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Little Burro’s canyon has everything she needs—it’s breezy and cool on a hot day, and warm and cozy at night. One day, her band of burros de...

Eleanor and Park

  • O'Fallon Public Library

    We never really forget the one we loved first - the one who understands us best and "always will." This book took me back a few years and the sweet sadness of the story is unforgettable.

Now, it’s the dawn of the 5th wave, and on a lonely stretch of highway, Cassie runs from Them. The beings who only look human, who roam the ...

Bear and Bee

  • O'Fallon Public Library

    After a nice long hibernation, Bear wakes up and craves some honey. When he spots a beehive in the distance, he heads right for it Sitting on top of the beehive is Bee who graciously offers Bear some honey, but Bear is worried. He believes that bees are big, scary creatures who do not share their honey. But Bear's new friend just happens to be a bee And Bee is small and most certainly is not scary. But do bees share honey? Turns out they do - Goodreads

Forest Has a Song: Poems

  • O'Fallon Public Library

    A beautiful, simple book of poetry about nature. This can easily be shared with young children at story times or individually.

What Came from the Stars - A middle grade boy, struggling with the death of his mother, comes upon a neck chain of unusual craftsmanship. He slips it on and begins to know and speak strange words that to him seem familiar and feel indigenous. The chain contains the art and culture of a desperate civilization on the run from evil forces. Those forces are on their way to get the chain and they aren't playing fair. I loved the invented language - it reminded me of Tolkien.

Children are vanishing in Bad Münstereifel, and Pia and her only friend, Stink Stefan, think there must be some connection between those missing recently and a girl gone missing long before they were born. I loved this quirky, first-rate mystery.

Set in 13th century Wales, this story tells two tales - one of a girl from the privileged English ruling class, the other from the unfortunate, occupied citizenry. When their worlds intersect, we are reminded that justice rarely prevails over might. Well written and historically accurate.

Fantasy isn't my favorite genre but this book is clever, funny, and definitely worth reading. The heroine is a foundling from a local orphanage, working as an indentured servant for an aging, bungling, group of magicians, psychics, and soothsayers known as Kazam. Magic has steadily declined over the years and those with abilities have been reduced to hiring themselves out for home repair or worse. Our heroine has been designated as a dragonslayer - a pursuit she wishes to avoid!

Lulu saves a duck egg (from a stray dog) on a school outing to the park. What now? Her teacher absolutely forbids anyone from adding another class pet. This is a HILARIOUS book for 2nd grade and up.

Without her knowledge or permission, 15-yer old Iris is hired out by her father to care for the ailing mother of a wealthy physician. She is slowly drawn into the warmth and compassion of this unconventional family and learns many lessons from all of residents of her new community. I loved this story!

Late at night, 13 year old Charlie is startled by urgent knocking on his bedroom window. Jasper Jones, a troubled outcast comes to request Charlie's help. Charlie follows Jasper to a secluded woods and what transpires changes both of them forever. This is a great mystery and coming of age story - for 8th grade and up.

A first rate, suspense novel about a kid reeling from the disappearance of his brother while trying to relate to the residents of his small Arkansas town. When a rare species of woodpecker believed to be extinct is spotted, 17-year old Cullen tries to understand the attraction while his world crumbles away. A powerful story of loss, love, and awareness.

Superman & the KKK? I love the way the author tells the background and history of the KKK and the explosion of Superman during the 1930s-1950s and how they converge. This is an engaging book about the creators of, participants in, and manipulators of both iconic phenomenons.

1950's Norvelt is a town with pride in its connection to former first lady Eleanor Roosevelt, but dwindling with each subsequent generation. Meet Jack Gantos, restricted to his home for the summer for shooting a WWII rifle, Jack gets enlisted by an elderly neighbor to help write obituaries for the local paper. When the elderly residents starts dropping like flies, it seems like several may have a motive, including Jack's neighbor. This book is hilarious and quirky. I loved it. Teri

Typically Anne Tyler- quirky characters with good hearts and social deficiencies. Teri

One of the best books on bullying I have found. Teri