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Teaching with Technology

Copyright and fair use law can be a murky place for all of us. This two-page document [.pdf] provides guidelines for what is and what is not permissible under the law. It is an excellent back-pocket resource to consider when teaching digital storytelling projects or for in-class presentations.

Free Technology for Teachers: Create Your Own Interactive Primary Source Document Activities

Curious how to start your own blog/website like all the ones you love to read? Jump Into Teacher Blogging in 3 Easy (and FREE) Steps! Completely free mini-course to see just how simple it is to try yourself! Nothing being sold - just free tutorials!

Outdoor Shadow Faces-photography fun - I will have to do this next year for shadow and Ground Hogs day. What a fun outdoor activity! Recommended by Charlottes Clips

25 TED Talks Perfect For Classrooms: #1 - On liking classical music, and #24 - a 12 year old girl on why adults need to think like kids I teach with TED all the time... So it could be worth comparing my list...

ANIMATION STUDIO: EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW TO CREATE STOP-MOTION PICTURES ON YOUR CELL PHONE OR DIGITAL CAMERA by Helen Piercy. Piercy, an animator who runs workshops for kids, has created a fantastic kit that includes sets and props, as well as an easy to read book about how to make stop-motion and several other kinds of animated movies! This will definitely keep the kids busy this Winter break!

A Great Guide on Teaching Students about Digital Footprint ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

Comic Master - Graphic Novel Creator. More for upper elementary, middle and even high school this website allows students to create their own graphic novels. Who wouldn't want to recreate their favorite literature (classic or modern) with this fun and interactive twist?

25 online field trips -- look at swimming with the blue whales during Ocean Unit, tour the Smithsonian - Great site!

Do Your Students Know How To Search? There is a new digital divide on the horizon. It is not based around who has devices and who does not, but instead the new digital divide will be based around students who know how to effectively find and curate information and those who do not. Helene Blowers has come up with seven ideas about the new digital divide – four of them, the ones I felt related to searching, are listed below.

How to Attach a PDF Document to a QR Code (and its benefits in the classroom)

100th Day of School Project Mrs. Karkowsky's Second Grade Class used an app called Age your Face to make each of her student's look 100 years old. Then they had to write a paper stating what they hope they have accomplished by the time they turned 100 years old. | Smore

Jostens - Pause Before You Post with The Band Perry. Reminding kids to think about what they are posting and how it might affect others before they post something on-line.