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Student Testimonials

Hear from current ODU students on why they're proud to be an ODU Panther!

“At Ohio Dominican, I get personal attention from my professors. ODU really made my transition from high school easy. I’m so glad I became a Panther!” - Brooke Ringel '17 Public Relations Major

“It’s an amazing feeling to be involved in something at ODU and watch it grow into something bigger.” - Malik Tuck '15 RADIODU, Panther Krazies and Track, Public Relations Major

“Participating in the ODU Chorus and Panther Players has offered me the perfect creative outlet. It’s a really great way to have fun and meet lifelong friends.” - Nola Colegrove '15 ODU Chorus and Panther Players, Integrated Language Arts Major

“Ohio Dominican is a great school and you get a lot of good opportunities both academically and socially.” - Ryleigh Kirby '15 Public Relations Major

“I absolutely love it at ODU! ODU is small and family oriented, and I wouldn’t have chosen any other school to attend.” - Morgan Gates '17 Middle Childhood Education Major

“Being involved on campus gives me a sense of purpose and an opportunity to reach out, network, build my own set of leadership skills and give something back to the ODU community.” - Christina Serrano '14 Student Senate, Psychology Major

“It’s extremely important for me to be involved on and off campus. I love the camaraderie that’s generated through campus activities and I’ve met a lot of great friends.” - Mark Miller '15 Football, Education Major

“Ohio Dominican immediately felt like home. ODU really made my transition from high school to college easy, exciting and fun!” - Madison Arnold '17 Criminal Justice Major

“I looked at a lot of schools, but Ohio Dominican just drew me in. I especially like the campus and the size of my classes.” - Molly Albert '15 Middle Childhood Education Major

“Campus Ministry has enabled me to be a servant leader, and has given me the opportunity to make a difference through activities and service projects. I’ve learned a lot about myself, others and the world.” - Kelly Litt '14 History Major