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lemon & greenery pattern

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  • Elizabeth Jaime Oscoff

    Well, just turn the textile. Then it will be square!

  • Currie Lee

    If you look closely, it looks as if it is already a garment, the white part underneath being the lining.

  • Cardigan

    Just extra cultural context, which I should have known better than to post--apologies! Hopefully most could tell that I wouldn't be using this history to condone modern western use of the swastika in design. I was just speaking to the possibility that this textile was created with something else in mind-- I couldn't tell the age or origin of the fabric.

  • Charlotte McCaig

    Erin, most of us just saw an interesting detailed textile and not a comment on the Nazi Party. No worries :)

  • Currie Lee

    Thank you Erin for understanding the intricacies of culture and art. I think most people thought I was directly offended by the textile when I was just noting probability of it being a poor design. Of course, I do not know the context of the textile, but it was just one of those things I couldn't un-see.

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