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Fried aubergines with leeks and tomatoes

Blueberry Clafoutis

Ovoli with Pappardelle

Zucchini Rolls

Berlingots filled with oxtail

Dried Bush Beans


Tomato Ravioli with Peaches


Zucchinimenu Teil 1

Berlingots, filled with goat cheese and lemon

Kampot Pepper-Lentil-Tartelettes

Caesar's mushrooms and Peaches


Tomato Pie

Ferrarirote Tomatentarte

Marinated apricots, Basil and smoked ham

Juicy escalope

Fregole sarde with summery vegetables

Vom Schweinetrog in den Teller: Sommerversion

Socca with Ratatouille

Arabic mezze

Mezze aus Arabiens Küchen

Vegan meal

Veganer Teller | lamiacucina


Rote Bete solitaire statt plurielle

Samlet and prussian asparagus

Saibling. Waldspargel. Gewürzfenchelsauce

Gratinated swiss chard and chanterelles

Gratinierter Mangold mit den ersten Eierschwämmen

Pike-perch. Cardamon. Pistachio-Couscous. Avocadocream.

Zander. Kardamom. Pistazien-Couscous. Avocadocreme

Mangalitza pork on beets and carots

Wildes Wollschwein zertrampelt Gemüsebeet