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[ happy meal toy faves ]

Hardees kids meal toy

Lot 6 McDonalds Mac Tonight Moon Men Happy Meal Toy Figures | eBay Mac Tonight was a McDonald's advertising campaign from the 1980s that emphasized McDonald's as a place you could go to for dinner. Overall, the campaign probably wasn't a big success. The Mac Tonight character went away fast, but I was a big fan.

tailspin happy meal toys

McDonald's Super Mario Bros. 3 Happy Meal Toys, 1990

80s happy meal toys from the show "Rescue Rangers" I have Chip, Dale and Monterey Jack. I was never able to get Gadget

Huge Collection of Collectable McDonald's Corp PVC Characters Fry Guys, Fry Girls, Grimace, Hamburgler 1980s Toys

Vintage McDonalds Barbie Toys. Wow we had awesome happy meal toys

Vintage baby muppets McDonalds Happy Meal Toys by puregerlz, $5.99

Mcdonalds happy meal toys from the 80s