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The Lesson Plan Diva: 100th Day Of School Freebie!

windy day - could have students write about what happened when the wind blew the hat off

great writing prompt to use in 2nd: dental health and flossing!

The groundhog is made of one large brown heart {turned upside down}, one medium sized brown heart {cut right down the middle and used as ears}, and one medium sized white heart {turned upside down and used for teeth}.  All the kids had to do was cut the ears and make the faces.  The hearts were pre-cut for them!  I think these are the dang cutest things!  And perfect since Valentine’s Day is only a week away!

A whole BUNCH of FREE hundreds charts coloring activities! George Washington, Abe Lincoln, Cat in the Hat, etc.

Free video version of the book, Martin's Big Words.

52 pages of freebies: letter matching + Valentines day games: all penguin related