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This is awesome: A Heavy Table-site cartoon dedicated to that Puerto Rican delicacy called mofongo as interpreted by Sosa Foods in Minneapolis.

Supatra's Thai Cuisine in St. Paul has exceptional springrolls. (So, by the way, does Mango in St. Paul.)

  • randy

    Wow, looks spectacular. Thanks for the tip!

  • The Palette and Purl

    One of my all time favorite places to eat. Hottest Thai food in the TC area, hands down. And her cookbook is amazing... If you can get your hands on a copy! ^_^

These are the gorgeous place settings for my second sushi-making night with my wife and two other couples. Nicely done, Jenedee!

After a sushi-making night with my wife and two other couples, I wanted to do it we did. We outdid ourselves!

  • Natali Morris


  • randy

    Not bad for a rookie but you need to pay more attention to the shape. A bit lumpy looking and visuals are very important with sushi and all Japanese foods for that matter.

My wife and I got together with two other couples for a sushi-making night, and we came up with this.

I made this yummy chicken and banana curry.

I made this delectable Brazilian moqueca (from a recipe in Leticia Moreinos Schwartz’s celebrated cookbook The Brazilian Kitchen).

Shortly after my first-ever attempt to make sushi, I rolled this batch.

This is the first sushi I ever made. Not bad!

I made this Puerto Rican-style chicken fricassee. Fabulous!

I made this Moroccan chicken and olives. Delicious!

I made this sushi for my lunch at work!

I made this sushi!

  • randy

    Beef jerky, thats a new one on me. I was wondering if it was spam. If you like egg on sushi, you should try making tomago.

This is a Puerto Rican delicacy known as mofongo, which is a kind of plantain-based soup or stew with different kinds of meats. The version shown here is available at Minneapolis' Sosa Foods, which is a simple, informal cafeteria that happens to be inside a convenience store. In St. Paul, try Caribe Caribbean Bistro, which is a wonderful sit-down restaurant.