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Keukenhof Gardens - The Netherlands. dan330 blog features Keukenhof in the next article.

Globetrotter's Wanderlust: Amsterdam, North-Holland, the Netherlands

12-11-11 Antique wooden shoes Dutch antique wooden shoes with wedding carving in a Zaanlandse Oudheidkamer, a house museum in Zanndijk, Netherlands. The wooden shoes with carved decoration were made for ceremonial use in the early 20th century and show expert craftsmanship. Dutch wooden shoes, or klompen, evolved in Northern Europe in the Middle Ages because of their utility on swampy and wet soil. They are a cliche symbol for the footwear and culture of Holland and are popular souvenirs. |...

Netherlands: Salty Licorice The Dutch have the highest per capita licorice consumption in the worldalmost four pounds each. And most of thats likely chewed through at the movies, where drop (thats the alternate name for Dutch licorice) is a concession staple. The big difference from its stateside cousin? Its usually salty, with an herbal, palate-cleansing kick....I'm not a fan but yes all my family here in the states loooove it! Lol

the Netherlands, in the moonlight ♥ many times...