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Celebrating our inner life & its many expressions. Interfaith. Cultural diversity. Splendor! Christian, Buddhist.

Learning about, with & from another religious tradition, is a mantra not yet chanted by many. This is a valuable film that takes making sense of apparent religious differences very seriously.— David Sharp, reviewing JESUS & BUDDHA

Review: Jesus & Buddha DVD | The Buddhist Centre

According to #Zen Buddhists, all we can say—about Dharma, about what we experience in enlightenment, about what we know of God through Jesus as a Christian—all of that, is a finger pointing to the moon. The finger should never be identified with the moon.- Prof. Paul Knitter, interviewed in JESUS & BUDDHA. Photo by Angela Alston.

#Grace is not something from outside. Grace is the very presence of God within us, enlightening us, humanizing us.- Fr. Robert Kennedy, SJ

Las Lajas Cathedral, Columbia

Forgotten Temple of Lysistrata, Greece

Ki – a store in Piermont NY, by Irene Woodard, of New York City

#Ocean vision by Oleg Vernagorov, of Odessa, Ukraine

The Mukpo Clan colors manifest in the environment, PEI, South Shore, August, 2012 by Dale Hinchey, of New Brunswick, Canada

Celebrating the fall at Karme Choling, a mediation center in Vermont. Photo courtesy Shambhala Times Community News Magazine

"Double belonging" is what happens when interreligious dialogue works. When you say, “I want to study and learn from another religion,” and go about that effort and it starts working.

Jesus & Buddha: This film takes making sense of apparent religious differences very seriously. This is a marvelous film and one which I hope will be seen and discussed by believers of many persuasions.--David Sharp, Interfaith Officer

I put the altar linens over the bottom of the ashcan and put the bread and wine there. Two men came up and held umbrellas over me during the liturgy. Both of them were Jews.

“Emptiness is as your delete button on your computer. You delete, delete, delete, and then you always have a clean page. You can write anything you want. That is emptiness. You just delete and then there is a beautiful, clean screen and you can really create your life.” That is Buddhist notion of emptiness. Not a big hole in your heart." -- Prof. Chung Hyun Kyung