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The Floyd Leg By Kyle Hoff / Alex O'Dell Tables, like ideas, need legs to stand on. Enter Floyd, a set of Detroit-made table legs that can be used to make any flat surface into a custom table, and then taken apart just as simply when it's time for a change. ~

9 Ways to Bring Pinterest Users to Your Blog! [Excited to try these .. now, what the blog about?!]

9 Ways... [I don't even have a blog, yet I seem to have a lot of people asking me about so many interests, that perhaps it would be fun. Trouble is that with so many interests (jack of many trades and darn good at several), where do I start. :-/ Darn this Adult Attension Deficit stuff. What was I even thinking about? ~Timo]

A site that helps you combine your words and a picture. I can see this maybe with your favorite scriptures, favorite quotes, or maybe your favorite song. How about a wedding photo with the first dance song?..

I like how this digital artist created an animated GIF image (to make an otherwise still-photo appear as video in an artistically limited way) .. the term these days seems be be "Cinemagraphs". If it works correctly (barber pole and reflection spins), perhaps I'll share a few others. If not, follow the link to where it was found. You'll see it and many others on the page working. These are by Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg. The barber shop isn't even the best. ~Timo

Amazing Cinemagraphs<br /> by Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg
  • Timothy Oldfield

    The animated portion did not follow through. You'll need to follow it to the source via the embedded link to see it as operational. It might take 10 seconds or so before the many "cinemagraphs" to begin revealing their secrets. Then perhaps as an artist yourself, you'll see why sometimes too much motion can be less and a just a hint can be hypnotic. ;)

The interest in Pinterest - social media marketing platform Flowtown has created an infographic on what makes the service that allows members to "pin" images, videos and other content to their online pinboards so addictive.

Silly grammar and spelling mistakes make your social media marketing look amateur. Step 1 is to always get the basics right. This infographic is a fun way to remind others (because you never misspell anything!) of common mistakes.