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Biblical Places

St. Peter in Gallicantu Church is located on the site where Peter denied knowing Christ.

Plain of Gennesaret The Mt. of Beatitudes overlooks the four-mile long Plain of Gennesaret, an area famed for its fertility. Josephus said this plain was the location of "nature's crowning achievement." Several times the New Testament records that Jesus was in this area including when he healed the multitudes here and faced Pharisaic condemnation for ritual impurity (Mark 6-7).

Golgotha, Skull Hill

Golgotha Skull Hill, Jerusalem

Original manuscripts of the Hebrew Bible, the ancient Dead Sea Scrolls, were discovered in the caves of Qumran.

At the Pool of Siloam, Jesus healed a blind man by putting a mud mixture on his eyes and then telling him to wash it out.

The Garden Tomb is the site where many believe Jesus' body was laid after His crucifixion. Three days later, Jesus rose from the grave; for the grave was not able to hold Him.

The Temple Mount is the most holy of all sites to Jews. It is where Jesus overturned the tables of the money changers.