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By Linda Pastorino | Designer necklace with Mongolian silver gilt, coral and lapis components from the mid 19th century | Sold

by Studio Libelle | 'Eritrea' necklace. Ancient Hebron beads, Antique Vulcanite discs from the African trade, brass beads from Ghana, Ethiopian silver metal cross, contemporary Krobo glass beads, Indonesian resin beads and carved bone from kenya. {SOLD}

Ethnic & Tribal


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Unique ethnic jewelry and tribal jewelry -- Dorje Designs

Gretchen Shields. A childhood spent in faraway lands enriches the creative vision of artist and designer Gretchen Schields. Born in Tokyo and raised in Hong Kong, Africa and Australia, Gretchen draws on her childhood to create jewelry rich with the art traditions of her exotic homes. She works with freshwater pearls or semi-precious stones weaving dramatic, multi-strand neckpieces, often using one of her tribal and Asian treasures as centerpieces to create jewelry that is truly art to wear.

by Anne Holland | An original antique red 31-strand Naga necklace embraces and wraps around a beautifully carved antique shell from Papua New Guinea. | Dorje Designs

A silver gypsy choker

Recently strung Sahrawi (Sahara or more specifically Western Sahara) necklace | © Preethi, via Ethnic Jewels.