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Tutorial to make the nose and mouth of those animal toys you knit.

made by Mriek: Drops moss stitch sjaal

What is SSK? It means Slip Slip Knit and is a method of decreasing knitting stitches. Come and get your free guide

Explains why you use SSK stitches over other decreases

Knitting Tutorial: How to Sew Elastic into Sock Cuffs

Three Knitting Row Counters for Android

Expansion of Ravelry pattern: Just in case Clara | A very handy table showing mods for sizing the pattern up and down from newborn to 4 years

Basketweave Stitch. An easy two row repeat. Plus free pattern using this stitch pattern. Snowdrift Infinity Cowl by Kalurah

How to Change Color No Knot

This is a link to a calculator to increase evenly across a row, but if you follow the link, it will take you to a ton of calculators that figure increases evenly, decreases, stitches to pick up for a button band, putting a dart in a bust...tons of good information!

Finishing Tip: For Those Who Hate the Kitchener Stitch - Knitting Daily - Knitting Daily.

How To Avoid This Steps In A Staircase Look. Learn to bind off a more evenly shaped shaped edge for sweater shoulders..

TECHknitting: Avoiding "knipple in the middle:" some tricks to improve hat tops, glove fingertips and motif centers

Here's a gorgeous cable stitch that is fully reversible. It looks great on both sides. This makes it perfect choice for all kinds of chunky cowls, snoods and scarves.

Love this handy trick for tracking cable rows. Discover many more in our free knitting techniques eBook..