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Dayr al-Barsha

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Offering bearer

Tomb Art From Ancient Egypt: A Black African Civilization

A Relief-fragment with Offering Bearer. Egypt, Late Period, 30th Dynasty, late 4th cent. B.C. Provenance : Coll. A.T., Switzerland, ca. 1950-1980.

Bearer of offerings ivory relief

relief, limestone, Egyptian, 13 3/4 inches high, Saite Period, Dynasty XXVI, 664-525 B.C. Christies

Offering bearers with geese and storks for Mehu, THE TOMB OF MEHU AT SAQQARA

Offering bearers with gazelles, an ibex, an oryx and various other items including fruit, THE TOMB OF MEHU AT SAQQARA

Relief Fragment depicting offering bearers Date: ca. 2649–2100 B.C. aqqara; includes the Serapeum Accession Number: 66.99.80

Fragment of wall painting from the Tomb of Sebekhotep Date: ca. 1550–1295 B.C. reign of Thutmose Iv hebes, Sheikh Abd el-Qurna, Tomb of Sebekhotep (TT 63) Accession Number: 30.2.1

Relief from the Pyramid Temple of Senwosret I, with Offering Bearers Date: ca. 1961–1917 B.C. Accession Number: 09.180.13a, b