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Olivia Pharis

Olivia Pharis

Cute things make me happy :)

I ♥ the people of Tumblr

Looking like a moose Princess Diaries 2

Proverbs 9:8 "Don’t correct jealous, cynical people, they will hate you anyway". Haha thats awesome

Sherlock would know.

I'll never look at a rubber ducky the same

"Be so good they can't ignore you."- Steve Martin #Motivation


If you love popcorn and want something healthier or hate popcorn and need your own movie snack, let me introduce you to EDAMAME POPCORN.

lana del rey

Pins And Needles Sweetheart Lace Dress #urbanoutfitters

Natural Wedding HairStyles ♥ Wedding Low Updo Hair

Staring At Stars Ombre Drop-Waist Dress #urbanoutfitters

The Fates By Stolen Girlfriends Club Tee Dress #urbanoutfitters