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Central Heterochromia

Central Heterochromia is considered a condition by some, and a lovely blessing by many others. This collection was started to become the "go to" collection. please use images freely in essays, blogs, etc.. Eyes are beautiful! I do not claim to be an expert on Central Heterochromia, I just have an appreciation for it.

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Multi coloured eye, multi color eye, iris with many colors, central heterochromia, green eye from Ginger lady, with freckles

#green eye #central heterochromia

  • Nikki NINTR

    Man, it's like looking at my own eye! :D I found your site through chance. I have the same thing, apparently. :)

  • Lynda Olsen

    cool!! do you have pics Nikki NINTR

  • Nikki NINTR

    Not close up enough to show it, but I'm going to try! My camera isn't the greatest. Your eyes are very pretty. I was so happy to learn about this trait I have. No one else in my family has eyes like mine. I've always been called the black sheep because everyone has blue or brown/hazel eyes. I'm the only one with green and a gold ring. I always thought it was so odd, but now I know it's something awesome! :D

Green Eye, with Central Heterochromia, Golden / rust coloured starburt pattern around the iris. Central heterochromia is the presence of 2 or more colours in the same iris in this type of pattern.

lynda olsen central heterochromia-1-6

lynda olsen central heterochromia-1

lynda olsen central heterochromia-1-3

lynda olsen central heterochromia-1-5

green eye by Lynda

central heterochromia by Lynda

bullseye by Lynda