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417: French French French French French…all of the athletes and all of the stories on the front page of this website are about France. Even the video is about a former French athlete talking about a current one. Even the photo of the Olympic stadium is more about French pride at the Olympics than anything else. If this doesn’t scream patriotism, I don’t know what does.

417e: You can tell that this athlete is holding up a flag (presumably French), even though most of the flag is cropped out of the photo. He has become so well known in France that they don’t even need to show the flag; everyone knows that this guy defines patriotism for the French. The article was about “French heroes,” and he was chosen to represent all of them.

417d: This looks almost exactly like a photo from the opening ceremony (117c) that ran a week ago. It’s another overhead view of the stadium that happens to show fireworks; that’s the only difference. Again, it shows the intensity and grandeur of the Olympics. Otherwise there isn’t much new here to discuss.

417c: It’s your standard athlete in action photo: very dynamic and patriotic because of the flag on his paddle. She’s front and center doing what she does best. This is clearly her in her natural element.

417b: There’s a pretty clear contrast between the athletes and the politician (blue versus white clothes), which highlights her influence as a politician. They’re holding her up even though she didn’t physically do anything more impressive than the athletes. It also looks like one o the men is being held up instead of the woman because of a strange perspective mistake.

417a: Do you know how YouTube tries to capture videos with one screenshot that makes you want to watch them? That’s what this site is trying to do with this screenshot of a famous French athlete who has won his event three times already. The image itself is a little dark with sweeping clouds in the background, probably trying to create a sense of Olympic grandeur.

317: Yesterday must have been a very slow day for the French, because not only did they have one new story about their own athletes, but also the only other new one was about a Chinese doping scandal. They would clearly rather glorify their own country over covering news from others, even if their own country isn’t making any headlines.

317b: The angle from which this photo was taken gives it a negative and pretty awkward connotation. Upon further research, we found out the subject of this article was China’s young athletes and a possible doping scandal. This explains why it was framed so negatively. The girl in the background has a broken hand, which you don’t spot on first glance. It just adds to the idea that though these might be world-class athletes, they also might be doing something illegal.

317a: Even though this French athlete just won a medal, it doesn’t appear that she’s very emotional about it. This is probably due to her awkward smile, but then again some people just can’t smile. She’s front and center at the top of the page showing off her medal, so clearly the French are just happy that she won something, whether she is photogenic or not.

217e: For an athlete who (according to Google) won her event, this photo doesn’t portray her as being particularly happy. In fact, she looks indifferent toward everything. It’s also strange that Paris Match chose to run a static photo of her rather than one of her in action. The only reason we could think of for this was for the viewer to get inside her head, which you couldn’t do while she was swimming.

217d: This photo celebrates a French athlete winning a medal. It’s framed so you can only see his face and the medal so you know exactly what the focus of this shot is supposed to be. His expression here is the most important thing because his smile is a little unnatural, almost like he didn’t expect to be up there in the spotlight. It was also nice of the photographer to put him up against a blue background with the word “water” on it so we could tell he was a swimmer.

217c: The photographer was clearly trying to capture a certain moment and emotion, not trying to paint a contextual picture. Just like the last photo on Paris Match, we have another athlete sitting on the ground crying in assumed defeat. Also just like the last athlete, she’s wearing white on an entirely black background to make her emotions pop even more.

217b: This French athlete just lost and is clearly unhappy about it. Her body language, the entirely black background and her placement (to the left, not front and center) all suggest that she is having a very bad day. There’s a juxtaposition of her white athletic gear on the black background, which helps draw the viewer’s eyes to the picture. It’s possible that the background was altered to make the photo look even more bleak.

202: The main page of this paper's website does not put emphasis on any certain thing. They do not highlight their own country and the only way the stories are ordered are in the order in which they were published. This makes the paper seem very unbiased and fair to all countries.

217a: Here we have a French athlete wearing British flags, which we believe to be a sign of international goodwill. He’s smiling and clearly ecstatic to be at the Olympic games representing his country. Even his body language exudes happiness. The cropping is really bad (there’s something on top that should’ve probably been cut out), which makes for a surprisingly unprofessional picture.

117: The first photo on the page was front and center at the top of the page and was by far the biggest because it captured a moment, showed emotions and conveyed French pride and victory. The next few stories, which all had much smaller photos, highlight international unity, the grandeur of the Olympics, international safety and an athlete doing what he does best: compete. We also agreed that the page itself was categorized in a way that you could find what you were looking for easily.

117e:This French archer has a look of deep concentration on his face, which doesn’t paint either a positive or negative portrait of what is happening (emphasizing neutrality). We agreed that this was a national pride image, showing a French athlete in a French newspaper trying hard to win for his country. It’s also framed in a way that the reader can feel like they are present watching him work.

117d: It’s obvious that the bodies of the athletes are either cropped out or the photo was intentionally taken to emphasize the British military officials in the stands. The caption for this one was interesting because it was about the British military helping out the French, which highlights international unity. The British soldiers appear to be looking down at the athletes, making them almost look like guardian angels.

117c: The photo was labeled under “very nice images” of the Olympic stadium in London. It’s an overhead view of the stadium all lit up at night, framed in a very grand and bright way. It shows the importance of the entire Olympic process to the world because of its massive scale.

117b: It took a little Googling, but we figured out the photo shows two South African beach volleyball teammates reaching out to each other. It’s clearly trying to depict camaraderie and teamwork among Olympic athletes. The choice of photo is interesting because the newspaper chose to highlight a team consisting of dark and light-skinned athletes. Again, racial politics at work.

117a: The headline is a clever play on words, using all the athlete’s names to convey French success. It was not clear because it was in French, but a Google search revealed that the three athletes mentioned (including the one in the photo) were all French judoka. The first place finisher was dark skinned (as Google pictures showed us), but the photo showed the woman in second place who was white. This captured our attention because of the racial implications.

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