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Old Omaha Photos

Vintage photos from the Omaha World-Herald archive. See more photos (old and new) at

On a Saturday afternoon in May 1940, 3,000 people watched as 110 painters covered the nine-room house at 142 Lincoln Blvd. with a new coat of white paint in 4 minutes and 8.5 seconds. It crushed the previous record of 8 minutes, 30 seconds, set in Memphis, Tennessee, just a week prior. THE WORLD-HERALD

On a Saturday afternoon in May 1940, 3,000 people...

Joe and Marilyn Gasnick, owners of the J & M Laundromat at 7080 Blondo St., stand among what is left after a May 1975 tornado. There were five customers in the building when the tornado hit. Marilyn Gasnick had them all follow her to her basement located one door east of the laundromat. They all came through the storm safely despite heavy damage to the home and complete destruction of the laundromat. THE WORLD-HERALD

The Omaha World-Herald Archives : Photo

Several hundred people were on hand to sign the final beam for the Woodmen Tower and watch as the 30-story building was “topped out” in November 1967. THE WORLD-HERALD

The Omaha World-Herald Archives : Photo

Nebraska quarterbacks cool their toes in the pool at the Ivanhoe Hotel at Miami Beach on Dec. 31, 1970. From left are Van Brownson, Jerry Tagge and Bob Jones. The Huskers beat LSU 17-12 at the Orange Bowl in Miami on Jan. 1, 1971. THE WORLD-HERALD

The Omaha World-Herald Archives : Photo

Memorial Stadium during a game on Oct. 12, 1940. The Huskers beat Indiana 13-7. The view is looking southeast toward the University of Nebraska campus. THE WORLD-HERALD

The Omaha World-Herald Archives

Omaha magician Pat Hazell is shown moments after successfully re-creating Harry Houdini’s famous straitjacket trick while suspended in the air at 11th and Howard Streets in Omaha, Nebraska, on Nov. 1, 1982. Houdini performed the trick in Omaha in 1923. THE WORLD-HERALD

The Omaha World-Herald Archives

Husker coach Tom Osborne introduces Trev Alberts at halftime of the 1994 NU spring game. Alberts led children in a drug-free pledge. Alberts, an All-American linebacker who played at NU from 1990 to 1993, is now the athletic director at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. THE WORLD-HERALD

Husker coach Tom Osborne introduces Trev Alberts...

Eleven members of Bellevue’s senior Girl Scout Troop 210 ventured out on a three-day hike to the 1965 Nebraska State Fair in Lincoln. Along the way they picked up trash. “We want to make the route a little nicer for fairgoers,” they said. THE WORLD-HERALD

The Omaha World-Herald Archives

In April 1960, the Elkhorn River flooded, leaving homes surrounded by high water. H.H. Lallman, left, chats with Chris Martinsen and Johanna Keilstrup in Winslow, Nebraska, during the flood. THE WORLD-HERALD

Anne Sullivan makes the best of two seasons in March 1977. She used a windy day to launch a kite while on ice skates at Memorial Park in Omaha. THE WORLD-HERALD

Crowds and balloons greet Richard and Pat Nixon at the City Auditorium in Omaha on May 4, 1968. Richard Nixon spoke while campaigning for president in Nebraska. THE WORLD-HERALD

Jessie Johnson, 7, and Amber Muell, 21 months, at Omaha’s Gifford Park, 35th Avenue and Davenport Street, in May 1993. THE WORLD-HERALD

Bob Edwards surveys the damage to his crops three miles south of North Bend, Nebraska, after a mid-August hail storm in 1973. Prior to the storm, him corn stood 8 feet high. THE WORLD-HERALD

A 50-foot-high wall of the World Theater came crashing down on July 14, 1980, in downtown Omaha. Anderson Excavating was demolishing the theater. They had blocked off 15th Street because the wall was unstable and in danger of collapse. THE WORLD-HERALD

A roller coaster from Playland Park in Council Bluffs, Iowa, is reflected in a water hole at Dodge Park in October 1959. THE WORLD-HERALD

Husker coach Bob Devaney instructs quarterback Van Brownson on the sideline as assistant Tom Osborne looks on in 1969. THE WORLD-HERALD

The Burlington Railroad bridge a few miles east of Columbus, Nebraska, collapsed into the Loup River in March 1960. Rain fell on top of heavy snow run-off to cause flooding across eastern Nebraska. THE WORLD-HERALD

St. Margaret Mary students shield themselves from drizzle as they walk home along Dodge Street on March 11, 1974. Omaha only had rain as it dodged a winter storm that dumped a foot of snow on the Nebraska Panhandle. THE WORLD-HERALD

Some things never change — buckets of water and a sprinkler were a good keep-cool tool on a hot summer day in 1980. From left, Corey Harner, Dean Timperley and Jeff Petry have an afternoon of water fun. The boys were 12 years old. THE WORLD-HERALD

Omaha Central grad Gale Sayers, an all-pro halfback for the Chicago Bears, signed autographs for 2 1/2 hours in the Sears store at Crossroads Mall on April 22, 1967. THE WORLD-HERALD

Omaha Central grad and former Chicago Bears great Gale Sayers hands off the ball to Mike Baxter, 13, at Adams Park in Omaha. The free football clinic ran two days in the summer of 1972. THE WORLD-HERALD

Ellen Goldstein, 18, and Gale Sayers, 18, were named Queen and King of Sports at Central High School’s annual O Club at Peony Park on June 2, 1961. THE WORLD-HERALD

Hall of Fame pitcher Bob Feller was in Omaha on June 12, 1968, to conduct youth baseball clinics. He’s shown here at Christie Heights with, from left, Tom Bojanski, Jerry Jacobsen, Mark Kleine, Dan Salem and Tim Wagman. The clinics were sponsored by the Parks and Recreation Department, the American Baseball Coaches Association and The World-Herald. THE WORLD-HERALD

Patrolmen C.H. Vancil, left, and Wally M. Jernigan with a confiscated flag dress that landed Wade S. Wright, 23, and Roger W. Du Rand, 25, in hot water. The two were arrested on Sept. 17, 1968, on charges of desecrating an American flag. The dress was on display in their store, The Farthest Outpost, at 1106 Howard St. in Omaha. THE WORLD-HERALD

Some things never change: Rush-hour traffic crowds Dodge Street in Omaha, Nebraska, in June 1955. THE WORLD-HERALD