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Stephanie Lee

Stephanie Lee

I believe in pink. I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe tomorrow is another day. And I BELIEVE IN MIRACLES.

Hilarious. I just hope he knows I'll hold him to this.. hahaha.. no im serious :)

I'm reallly really sorry about the language in this post because I hate the bad language, but if your out there, and if you are in a bad place and you don't want to go on with life, read this, please. There are some amazing points in this in the middle of this, even if it is straight forward and can be a bit rude at points (<--mainly the last few lines)

Light brown ombré

all the time

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Desk arrangement all done! This is a great idea for classrooms that have desks.

If you can't relate, you're lying.

CLASSIC KIDS~ So true! Another common refrain often heard from students before they even LOOK in their folders, "I handed it in." Teacher open the student's folder and says, "You mean THIS paper?"