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Dr. Sergio Cittolin has worked at CERN for the past 30 years as a research physicist. He has also made several drawings of the Large Hadron Collider in the style of Leonardo da Vinci.

Infographic of the Day: In which gay rights in the U.S. — marriage, adoption, employment discrimination protection, hate crime laws, and whether schools have regulations to ban harassment based on gender and sexual orientation — are broken down state by state (using rainbow colors, of course). And it’s interactive!

The NASA Crawler-Transporter As the largest tracked vehicles in existence, it may not surprise you to know that they have over 5,000HP and it takes eleven people to drive one. You won’t be getting anywhere quickly on one of these, with a top speed of under 2km/h, and you definitely won’t be getting anywhere cheaply with it chewing through around 350L of diesel per km.

NEWS: Space Shuttle Enterprise completes historic flyover of New York City on the back of a modified 747 before delivery to the intrepid museum. This is totally an actual photograph of what actually happened.

Doorman turned the headboard of his bed into the gang from Mystery Science Theater 3000, ready to critique and ridicule whatever goes on in that bed.

Space Shuttle Atlantis on Pad 39A

Guardian of the dollar bin at Love Garden in Lawrence, KS.

Atlas Peeped: The Large Hadron Collider in marshmallows.