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Put a mailbox in your garden to store your hand tools

Put a mailbox in your garden | Home and Garden |

Glued pennies to the side of my square foot garden bed to keep slugs away. Slugs and snails won't cross copper.

To Till or Not to Till A Garden? - Homestead Honey

To Till or Not to Till A Garden? - Homestead Honey

starting an asparagus bed

Planting Potatoes and Asparagus - Martha Stewart Home & Garden

Never waste cut roses, ladies. Did You know that You can grow roses from cuttings? Simply cut healthy stems, place them in large potatoes and then bury them 3-4 inches deep in a healthy soil mixture of peat moss top soil. The potatoes keep the stems moist help develop the root systems. It's a perfectly simple way to multiply Your rose garden without spending lots of $$$.

Making seed tapes for lettuce and carrots - perfectly spacing the seeds so you don't have to thin later! Mix water and flour to make paste, drip it onto paper strips and place seeds onto paste. Let dry for use later, or lay the strips in your garden beds, cover lightly as per packet instruction and watch them grow.

Spring Gifts: How to Make Seed Tape Strips

cool indoor greenhouse.

Så inreder du balkongen för maximal njutning

DIY:: 7 Nutrient-Rich Brews Your Plants Will Love !!!

When To Sow & Set Out Transplants: {Reference} Excellent Free Printable Chart !

5 Tips for Growing Succulents - Succulent Care is so easy! -- Succulents and Sunshine

Hugelkultur beds are designed to take advantage of the natural water-retention cycle. This gardening method reduces or eliminates irrigation and builds soil fertility. Details and how-to's provided. Pictured: Preparded Hugelkultur trenches.

Hugelkultur - Water Retention

hugelkultur raised garden beds