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Lily Pad Math – Subtraction Activity. Repinned by Autism Classroom @

Lily Pad Math - Subtraction Activity - No Time For Flash Cards

Are you looking to add to your Math Interactive Journal? Find notes, foldables and QR activities in this unit.

Math = Love: Domain and Range Notation Foldable. Includes set notation, algebraic notation, and interval notation.

Domain & Range Foldable that helps students visualize key features of each.

A coordinate plane foldable that I use for the interactive math notebook. Need: A square of graph paper, colored pencils

Coordinate Plane Foldable

This includes 82+ math vocabulary cards perfect for a pocket chart or word wall. The cards have a chevron pattern that allows them to be color coded by domain and the corresponding picture on each card helps the children remember the meanings of each word. **Also includes Go Math! Vocab words! $5

Here's a terrific post about teaching time. Includes a large packet of resources.