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1D Facts

Hmmmmm interesting.....

It's true so go pre order it guys!

there's one direction everything. why? we rule the world. (:

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Awwwww! Daddy directioner ♥

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Liam, I have leather shoes and a leather jacket! Does that count? Zayn, I practically live in work out clothes. Does that count? Niall, I like gum. Does that count? Harry, I love wearing my hair in a messy fashion. Does that count? Louis, I'm pretty sure I have one of the loudest laughs ever. Does that count?

I have green eyes!!!!!! And my hair is - long reddish brown. CAN YOU HEAR THE BELLS?!?!

  • callie rou

    Ahhh i have loooonggg brown hair and blue eyes!

  • Jenny Burris

    Actually, hasn't his last few girlfriends been blonde?

  • Areigha Lunda

    I have blue eyes and have strawberry blonde short hair BUT IM GROWING IT OUT. And believe me out children r going to be gorgeous. Haha ALL OF HIS GIRLFRIENDS EVER HAVE BEEN BLONDE THOUGH

  • Dawn Goldman

    I have long brown hair and green eyes yessssss

Oh my goodness...

Here ya go!

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