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Awww this is precious.

  • Emily Mae

    Oh My God Mercy, you are not alone! lol

  • Mercy Acosta

    Thank you! Someone understands! I personally like longer hair especially of the guy isn't vain about like our dear Hazza

  • Emily Mae

    I completely agree with you, and i am used to it my step brother has really long hair.

  • Mercy Acosta

    Exactly my cousin does too

  • Linda Loomis

    I love it!! I just wanna play with it and run my fingers though it haha

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Harry Styles

Their friendship is adorable

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We could go get coffee sometime bc tbh you're hot

One Direction News : Photo

I'll marry you if you want

Harry Styles

  • Diana Erika Paz Gonzalez

    he doesn't smile wide anymore!

  • Lauren Rose

    I agree, I love it when he smiles so big! Maybe he was just tired and worn out... He's amazing like that. Always takes pictures with fans even when he's not feeling the greatest or out in public!