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Harry Styles

So basically....umm....yeah...this is a board for Harry Styles.

Your clothes are quirky and cute like you

You're the king of adorable

some things never change

  • Bethany

    This picture really confuses me lol it really does look like the same picture but with his current hair photoshopped on, but it also looks like two separate pictures!

  • jewels ☼

    I still think they are the same with different hair tbh but whatever

  • Sel

    it's the same one lol. unless they seriously had him lose like the first one exactly, it's the same picture.

  • Bethany

    Yeah everything even the lighting is the same! His shirt is ruffled in the same place too!

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His eyes are beyond gorgeous

Harry will be the death of me

Harry Styles

Harry Styles is a unicorn. Don't question it, just believe.

I'm just a boy by a fence by Harry styles

He looks cool all the time and I'm not sure how. Teach me

*whispers to himself* Harry, you're not a hipster. You're THE hipster.