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I like this a lot

Twitter / niallerwoahbaby: EDITS ALREADY THIS FANDOMS ...

I don't understand this game but you look hot playing it

Liam Payne

  • Jordan Malecki

    Every guy can't be toned with muscles, I mean I like his little belly. It's better than seeing him getting skinnier and skinnier. But I like mention one last thing, WHY DOES HIS BUTT LOOK SO CUTE AND HUST UGH XD

  • Megyn Payne

    Jordan, his butt always looks good!

  • Megyn Payne

    I'm just saying it makes him look older. It's not like I suddenly don't like him for not having muscles. My abs have been hidden by a layer of fat for like 3 years cause I'm on a seafood diet like Niall. We see food. And we eat it...

  • Julia S

    Ok sorry I just thought you were one of those "hate" fans sorry about that my mommy direction kicked in.....they could all be like 300 pounds I would still love them

  • Julia S

    A the more belly the more to cuddle

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{GIF} ah, yes, the infamous NOPE ABSOLUTELY NOT DON'T DO THAT AGAIN face