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One Direction

One Direction

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Zayn wasn't at the wedding but here's a pretty cute picture of him with Hatchi

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Niall and Sophia

  • Selena

    Jesus Christ quit nit picking at the girlfriends.

  • Kirian Estes

    She's not "nit picking" their girlfriends, she's right. Her dress is to revealing no matter who she is or who's girlfriend she is. But that's just my opinion.

  • Selena

    "To revealing" smh.. What would you like her to wear, a turtle neck sweater and sweatpants? Her dress is passed her knees and elbows, with no cleavage shown at all. Please explain how her dress is "to revealing" for you.

  • Kirian Estes

    No I didn't say that, it's just tight and you can see too much. I personally think that, it's my opinion, you don't have to agree with it.

  • Kassy Sollid

    it's not necessarily too revealing.. just unflattering. it looks like she has a penis. i'm just gonna say it.

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This is adorable

You're cute

  • Erin

    I can just hear his laugh through the picture

That's one happy Irish boy

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Whole fandom right now

El at Jay's wedding today, she looks absolutely gorgeouss!

My life is now complete.

Not quite, but nice try.

I'm laughing so hard omg

@ NiallOfficial: "Congrats Dan and Jay! Was a really Nice wedding and we all had a great time!thanks for having us." Also note Paul and his wife in the background


I can always go for some Narry