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Love the color of this New England home.

Housemaids cupboard Belgrave Hall, Leicester. A ghost was famously caught on cctv walking through the wall in the gardens outside. It was built circa 1710 so its old enough. If you ever go there it has a happy sort of atmosphere and was a loved and cherished home.

Haunted England - Pictures of England

Real Housewife's Lenox Hill Townhouse

Real Housewife's Lenox Hill Townhouse Can't Find a Buyer

Of Follies : The Colonial Williamsburg Official History Citizenship Site

Barrels came in different sizes, and each had a different name. These containers carried spirits, molasses, water, flour, potatoes, apples, crockery, and many other items. Those barrels carrying liquid, were fashioned from hardwood and banded together with iron rings. Barrels that didn't hold liquid lacked the iron rings, were made of softwood, and were called "slack casks".

Example of a Ship Chandlery.

Age of Sail Workshop

repro 18th century kitchen | Yelp

repro 18th century kitchen | Yelp

Design Caller ~ Selected Spaces: The New Olde Kitchen Design

Design Caller ~ Selected Spaces: The New Olde Kitchen Design

From Elin Pendleton's (Artist, Fine Original Oil and Acrylic Paintings) web page. An 18th century smoke house interior.

Original Oil and Acrylic Paintings by Elin Pendleton

another ice house design showing storage of meat dairy - food storage

VA_Plantation_Kitchen.jpg. Kitchen at Shirley Plantation, Virginia.

Virginia, the best

PEM | Architecture « Collections. John Ward House Interior, 18th Century Kitchen.

PEM | Architecture « Collections

The folly dairy or springhouse in Baltimore designed by Benjamin Henry Latrobe.

18th Century Gardening Tools

18th Century Gardening Tools

Pasteur and Galt Apothecary - colonial apothecary garden

About 1755, next to his Williamsburg home on Nicholson Street, John Tayloe built himself a one-room office like no other. At least unlike any other building that survives from 18th-century North America. The small frame structure is a normal office with all the requisite windows, doors, walls, it has an S-shaped ogee-style roof, a bow in the direction of medieval architecture. Inside, its ceiling is plastered groin vaulted, suggesting a small chamber in a castle or in a medieval chapel.

salt glaze pottery

The basement kitchen of seventeenth-century Bacon's Castle in Surry County, Virginia, with brick hearth and timber lintel. In the eighteenth century, an outside kitchen—a summer kitchen—was built.