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It’s a brand new year and we’re back with our artist interview series, 5Q! We’re starting the year off proper with Atlanta-based rap artist, J.Nolan. With the recent release of The Upbringing, this 23-year old is bound to make substantial buzz in the hip-hop community. DOWNLOAD: The Upbringing New Haven isn’t really known as a hot-bed for hip-hop / rap artists. How has moving to Atlanta impacted your music career? That’s very true. New Haven and Connecticut as a whole hasn’t really...

5Q: Blackbird Blackbird It’s going to be a special couple of weeks here in October for ONErpm. With CMJ around the corner, the web is busy name-dropping new bands for the upcoming months, including some of our acts and other bands we work with, such as Blackbird Blackbird. We were so amped to have this album on our site, we had to chat with Mikey for a few minutes, and we’ll be sure to catch him during the festival when he’s in town. Check out the exlusive stream on The Hype Ma

5Q: It’s Somewhat Humanoid We veered a little off the beaten path this week to to talk to an acoustic bedroom act, It’s Somewhat Humanoid, whom describes himself as “weird and skinny.” It just seemed too perfect to get his face on Tumblr since that characterization seems to hit the demographic around here. This is the point where we get attacked with hateful pre-teen language. Anyway, Humanoid has some really nice vocals like Kimya Dawson and it’s pleasantly playful

5Q: Ex Norwegian Indie rock in Miami? Yeah, Ex Norwegian is just as surprised as you are. They talk about being “outsiders” in the Miami music scene and how it shapes their sound. In addition, we get their opinions on industry headlines around Amanda Palmer and DIY technology.  DOWNLOAD: Something Unreal Now that the whole hoopla over Amanda Palmer is over. Where did you stand on that issue? Is this the whole not paying musicians “scandal”? Well, I can see both sides of t

5Q: CULTTASTIC Not every musician has the same story. It doesn’t always start with a Fender Stratocaster for Christmas; sometimes it starts on the mats. CULTTASTIC, originally from Kyiv, Ukraine, began her early life as an ice skater/gymnast and later turned to electronic music and started DJing for serious tours and release parties. Now she’s ready to reveal her debut original work.

5Q: The Outs We continue to roll with a sharp sounding indie rock group from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, The Outs, to talk about music discovery on the web and how the territory is reacting to the digital music revolution down there.  DOWNLOAD: Get Around The cover art looks pretty close to The Beatles’ Rubber Soul. Any thoughts? In fact, our intention since the beginning was to mix nature and the style of the band. This was the idea the style of our work (that we thought while we recorded Get

5Q: Androcles and the Lion Androcles and the Lion capped off what was a really nice month for new music on ONErpm. They revealed to us how Atlanta, Georgia can be more than just a hip-hop metropolis, but also a place for really solid indie-rock. The boys shared some time to talk about mp3 blogs and defining “selling out” in the music industry.

5Q: Circa Survive We’re especially excited to share this interview because Circa Survive have a very interesting journey as they’ve built their own brand after leaving a major record label. They have a unique perspective of running their own label and playing the music as well. A lot of people like to talk about the disconnect between labels and musicians, but these guys know both sides.

5Q: PERNETT In aiming to promote our beloved artists and to genuinely spread good music around (as we all should), we’re launching a weekly Q+A series (a.k.a. “5Q”) for our artists. They’re short, punchy and spend most of the time asking hardworking musicians about marketing tips and general wisdom on the industry. It also makes sense since our artists come from all over the world and they continue to be somewhat of a mystery in the U.S. Also, we’ll do our best to t

5Q: Darryl Jenifer (Bassist for Bad Brains) Our second installment in our 5Q series is a biggie. Darryl Jenifer, bassist for the famous afro-punk group Bad Brains, graced us by answering some questions about his new solo LP “In Search of Black Judas” along with subjects on nostalgic pop music and marketing tips for DIY artists.

Time to return to our favorite (and only, at this point) blog series, 5Q! This time we decided to switch gears and highlight a different type of artist. From ROIR records, Joe Louis Walker is set to release his latest and 21st blues LP, Hellfire, and he let us toss some questions at him regarding the blues genre and looking back on his decorated career. Did we mention this is his 21st album?! Holy $%&@!

5Q: GUARCO Up next in our latest 5Q, we’re set to highlight a ONErpm artist whom REMEZCLA praised for having one of the top Latin tracks of 2011, GUARCO. Officially known as a Uruguayan star, Guarco is now stationed in Brooklyn and making the transition, as tough as that can be. Regardless, we’re going to support the cause and promote him as much as we can. That’s how we roll. #TEAMGUARCO

5Q: Tennis Just to honor their big release coming up on Feb. 14, we wanted to highlight Tennis and their new LP Young & Old which is now available for pre-order on ONErpm. Luckily, we got to catch up with Tennis during their busy tour around the world. The band, led by married couple Patrick Riley and Alaina Moore, talked to us about the joke behind the band name, sailing around the world and working with The Black Keys’ Patrick Carney.

5Q: Meital Dohan Normally, we tend to feature under-the-radar groups or DIY bands just getting started, but this week’s 5Q is a bit more high-profile with Israeli super star Meital Dohan. While she’s largely considered an international movie star, she’s turning a corner to focus more on music with her steamy new single “Yummy,” which is a fun dance pop song that anyone can move to. By some miraculous stroke of luck, the beautiful Dohan shared a moment to talk about

5Q: I-Octane Last week we covered an Israeli artist who loved singing about yummy boyz, but this week we’re switching it up with some dub-reggae in I-Octane. Out of Sandy Bay, Clarendon, I-Octane is making a name for himself in club reggae music. In fact, don’t be surprised you’ve grinded to his music on a Saturday night already. Either way, he fortunately gave us some time to talk about the transformation of reggae and his transition from the early days when he went by “

5Q: Nikki Kummerow Although we’re head deep in SXSW plans at the moment, our 5Q series must live on! Meet Nikki Kummerow, a lovely Australian artist who recorded the #2 single last summer as far as hot singles go on iTunes (down under!). If that doesn’t impress you, listen to her latest album and prove us wrong. We love her a lot and we hope you do too.

5Q: Janiva Sorry for the silent air waves this past week folks! We were in full-SXSW mode and it was a hoot! Lots of great meetings and plenty of great music. We’re just getting our bearings together. In meantime, chow down on some nice chit-chat with one of few bad-ass vocalists - with grandchildren - in the music industry today — Janiva.

5Q: Presomnia Who says metal doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things? These guys say all generes and connected and inter-dependent. Meet Presomnia, a new crunching group out of Indianapolis who gave some time to talk about the the building resentment against record labels, the role of metal and, of course, Peyton Manning.

5Q: We Are the Wilderness It’s only April and we’re starting to collect some great bands from our local area in Brooklyn, most recently We Are the Wilderness.Originally from Texas, We Are the Wilderness bring a fun, upbeat reverb, boy-girl duo that’s easy to rally around. See our interview below and download their brand new LP, Elevation.

5Q: Happy Lives Now that we’re finally past the painfully slow first quarter of the year, music-wise, things are gonna pick up in a big way with cool new bands, which takes us to Happy Lives. These three Brooklyn lads were the runner-up champs (thanks to some serious ONErpm lobbying) in the Survival of the Bands event at The Knitting Factory on April 1st, and they put on a hell of a show. When describing Happy Lives, one can’t help but hear NIN, Nirvana and a little James Blake. You

5Q: Beecher’s Fault Last week we highlighted the runner-up to our Survival of the Bands contest, Happy Lives, but we can’t skip the kings of the night, Beecher’s Fault. This folk-based Queens act had the crowd swooning that night, so they’re doing something right. We were proud to give them our zombie-head trophy. Don’t know what we’re talking about? Read the interview.

5Q: Jake Klar It gives us great honor to work with really talented musicians like Jake Klar. The CT-native is very much symbolic of what folk music is in the industry: perpetually tapping into an older time in a timeless style of music. Bob Dylan clone? Might be too early to tell, but this kid has some serious talent waiting to be discovered.

5Q: Smoke Machine Starting to get the feel that our taste is all over the place? Yeah, that comes with the territory of working in the music industry. We love everything, including ambient dub, easy-listening like Brooklyn-based Smoke Machine. It’s a funny thing being a DJ; crowds flock to you and use your music to escape, but it’s hard to market yourself as a human being. Smoke Machine’s Mike Hirst talks with us about that and cultural implications of being a DJ.

5Q: Chris Von Uckermann If you’re a follower of our 5Q series, you know we like the occasional dual actor/singer talents on the site. Today, we’re graced with the chance to talk to one of Mexico’s biggest heartthrobs, Christopher Von Uckermann. To celebrate his second release as a musician, Uckermann talks about transitioning into music, the benefits of working as a DIY artist and whether or not he considers himself a sex icon.

5Q: Fleeting Circus We’ve pitched some strange alternative marketing tips, but we bet you’ve never considered building a circus event around your live shows. That’s what Fleeting Circus from Rio de Janeiro did, and they’re making moves and building a strong following. Fleeting Circus took the time to chat with us to provide some interesting insight about the now-emerging digital music culture in Brazil and greater Latin America.