Who's Buying Gov. Scott Walker?

Since becoming governor, Gov. Scott Walker has raked in millions of dollars in political campaign donations from millionaires and billionaires across the nation.

Since becoming governor, Gov. Scott Walker has raked in millions of dollars in political campaign donations from millionaires and billionaires across the nation. So who exactly IS buying Gov. Scott Walker?

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STANLEY HERZOG. Missouri billionaire Stanley Herzog doled out $250,000 to Gov. Scott Walker, adding to the millions of dollars in out-of-state money fueling his campaign.

One Wisconsin Now

JOHN CHILDS. Nicknamed "the Republican ATM," Massachusetts billionaire John W. Childs deposited $100,000 to Gov. Scott Walker's campaign account. In 2003 Mr. Childs admitted to violating campaign finance rules during the 2002 Mass. gubernatorial race. Childs spent $ 25,000 on radio advertisements supporting the candidacy of eventual winner Mitt Romney.

RICHARD DEVOS. This Florida billionaire school choice funder gave Gov. Walker $250,000 in March. After becoming one of the richest men in American heading up a pyramid scheme nicknamed ‘Scamway’ -- DeVos now focuses his attention on bankrupting public schools. His agenda fits right in line with Gov. Walker's.

PATRICK RYAN. Illinois insurance billionaire Patrick Ryan issued Gov. Scott Walker a $100,000 check in February. All this despite Gov. Walker's constant criticism of our neighbors to the south.

DENNIS KUESTER. Retired bankster and part-time Floridian Dennis Kuester is a longtime supporter to Gov. Scott Walker. He pulled $50,000 for Gov. Walker in 2011-2012. No stranger to corporate controversy, Kuester attended a June 2010 gathering sponsored by Koch Industries.

SHELDON ADELSON. Las Vegas billionaire Sheldon Adelson dealt Gov. Scott Walker $250,000 on March 30. In 2012 "Adelson told Forbes Magazine that as long very wealthy people could buy elections, "I’m going to do it."

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BRUCE KOVNER. New York Big Business billionaire Bruce Kovner donated $190,000 to Gov. Scott Walker's campaign in January 2012. Named the "patron saint of the neoconservatives" and " the most powerful New Yorker you’ve never heard of" his close acquaintances include Dick Cheney.

JOE RICKETTS. Ranked one of the 400 wealthiest Americans, billionaire Joe Ricketts showed Gov. Scott Walker the money with $100,000 check. Ricketts was initially tied to a "racially provocative, $ 10 million anti-Obama ad campaign."

LOUIS BACON. New York billionaire Louis Bacon gave Gov. Scott Walker a handsome $100,000 in April 2012. This well-connected billionaire is one of the wealthiest hedge fund managers in the world.

TED KELLNER. Big Business bankster and right-wing financier Ted Kellner slipped Gov. Scott Walker $95,000 this year. Kellner was one of three donors to a Milwaukee area big business lobby MMAC which "improperly passed the money on to [Gov. Walker]."

JERE FABICK. Huge right-wing mega-donor Jere Fabick has dumped over $250,000 on Gov. Scott Walker's lap in 2011 and 2012. In 2003, Fabick was fined for violations of Wisconsin's limit on political contributions for previous Republican Governor Scott McCallum.

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BOB PERRY. Texas tycoon "Billionaire Bob" Perry fueled Gov. Walker's campaign coffers with two checks totaling $500,000. Not one to shy away from fueling controversy, Perry is infamous for funding the sleazy "Swift Boat" ads in 2004, which won George W. Bush a second term in office.

DIANE HENDRICKS. Gov. Scott Walker was caught on camera telling Beloit billionaire Diane Hendricks his strategy was to "Divide and Conquer" WI workers. A year later, she wrote Gov. Walker a $500,000 check on the same day Gov. Walker's campaign moved money over to this criminal defense fund.

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REX SINQUEFIELD. Missouri billionaire Rex Sinquefield handed Gov. Scott Walker $50,000 in December 2012. Like Gov. Walker, Sinquefield is on a mission to dismantle public education.He came under heavy criticism after linking public education to the Ku Klux Klan.

ROGER HERTOG. New York Big Business multi-millionaire Roger Hertog donated $100,000 to Gov. Scott Walker's political campaign in 2011-2012. No stranger to bailing out controversial figures, Hertog posted $ 2 million bail for a friend and business partner who was convicted of fraud and obstruction of justice.

MARCUS HILES. Gov. Scott Walker landed a $51,000 from Texas real estate tycoon multi-millionaire Marcus Hiles in December 2011. Hiles must have a thing for anti-woman governors, having supported Rick Perry's Texas gubernatorial run with $ 152,000.

FOSTER FRIESS. Wyoming billionaire Foster Friess gave $100,000 to Gov. Walker before he went on TV and said: “You know, back in my days, they’d use Bayer aspirin for contraceptives... The gals put it between their knees, and it wasn’t that costly.” His radical ideology fits well with of the War on Women Gov. Walker started in Wisconsin.

TREVOR REES-JONES. Chief Oil & Gas billionaire Trevor Rees-Jones pumped Gov. Walker's campaign with $100,000 this year. In the first six months of 2010, Chief Oil & Gas was cited for 78 violations by the Pennsylvania DEP. Gov. Walker has had a similarly disastrous environmental agenda.

WARREN STEPHENS. This Little Rock billionaire gave Big Bucks to Gov. Walker; $100,000 in March 2012. Known for not backing down from controversy, he said increasing taxes on billionaires, "Is just not a good idea."

DAVID HUMPHREYS. Missouri moneyman David Humphreys gave a hefty $260,000 to Gov. Walker. His sister Sarah Atkins gave an additional $ 250,000. Of the donors who gave over $ 1 million dollars to the causes that the Koch Brothers support is the Humphreys family.

GENERAC executives Robert and Patricia Kern powered Gov. Scott Walker's campaign with $200,000.

Richard and Elizabeth Uihlein of ULINE Incorporated found $230,500 to fuel Gov. Scott Walker's campaign.

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