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KIDS: tea party

Maybe not for a kids tea party, but this sure would make me happy

Green Style: Cheese and Tea Break

The party dress - adapted from a leila & ben pattern

  • Hannah Maniago

    oh. my. goodness. is this miss lily's dress?!!!! you are AMAZING my friend.

  • Kate Morris

    Thanks Hannah! It is a little wonky - but exactly the look I was hoping for. After tea party and Thanksgiving madness I am going to attempt an xmas dress - that will be my 2nd dress ever...

I'm doing it! Tea cups for the party

  • Kate Morris

    made using the the Ann Wood tutorial

  • Meggin Smith

    Are you really doing this? love it!

  • Kate Morris

    Oh yes, going way over the top with this one. I decided to be cheap and use recycled materials rather than buy party supplies, which means lots of projects. Tea cups for the kids to decorate, feather headbands for party favors and ties for the boys, scarves (for dressup play) and tablecloths from free recycled designer scraps and samples. It will be pretty, though lots of work, and then I decided to sew her dress too...

  • Meggin Smith

    That sounds amazing. Please post pictures!

Petite Vanilla Scones
  • Cynthia Biediger

    I made some using the pioneer woman's recipe. I have never tasted anything so dang good,

  • Kate Morris

    good to know! they are officially added to the birthday sweets schmorgasboard!

Simple and delicious!

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