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Garden Grey & Silver plants

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Salix lanata 'Glanspean' (Dwarf Woolly Willow) - A rare compact willow native to sub-arctic parts of Europe and Asia, Salix lanata 'Glanspean' is similar to the more familiar Salix lantana but with more pointed, hairy silvery-grey leaves and a lower habit. It has golden-yellow catkins in early summer and makes a very ornamental foliage plant.

“Garden design is about controlling the eye, forcing it to see what you want it to see, and consequently this vista is very successful.” ~ Andy Sturgeon Photo: John Glover

Simple but pretty - purple fountain grass, chartreuse sweet potato vine and lavender lantana.

=‘Boughton Silver’) This is a low, compact selection, similar in appearance to Dusty Miller, but perfectly hardy. Plants form a spreading mat of bright silvery-white scalloped leaves. Terrific for edging, groundcover, or in mixed containers, even hanging baskets. Clip back hard in mid summer, when stems begin to grow upright, in order to maintain a low mat-like effect. Flowers are insignificant. This was introduced to North America by the University of British Columbia Botanical Gardens under...