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no knead bread resting before baking

In and Out of the studio and home...: in a hurry for sushi

Alfred milk bottle marked Ridgway Brockway that I have retreasured after finding in the back of a hutch where I keep vases/pots. The lettering used is so wonderfully done using a MCM style font. Hoping to find more details of it's history. #elkcounty | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

2/12/2013 'circle' - circle of oatmeal and coffee at my kitchen table

Photography Challenge daily entries ‎1/30 'gift' - lovely gift of kisses from my husband last night.

day 20 breath - breath of life, my daily cup of green tea , via Flickr.

End of October sushi with cukes, carrots, cream cheese and fried egg w/toasted sesame and cilantro. The dipping of course wasabi paste and light soy..light soy is a must, including a bit of pickled ginger on each bite. The rice I have been purchasing is a prewashed sushi rice from Wegman's called Kokuho Rose in a white paper bag that has truly improved the texture.

Thursday night quiche in my kitchen, via Flickr.

tiny bouquet of borage and soap wort in my kitchen, via Flickr.

fruit bowl and pie safe 2005, via Flickr.

Molasses Cookies for Christmas, via Flickr.

not wanting to eat oatmeal with my youngest oatmeal, via Flickr.

a vignette on a table in the kitchen DSC00792, via Flickr.

my dd was in a apple pie baking and apple sauce is a vignette from her offerings that day