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Wow..this guy is inspiring.. same guy when she was 2 years old and at 22, he maintained his fitness regime for 20 years and stayed in amazing shape!! THAT'S dedication (Doug Brignole is his name) its inspiring what commitment to healthy lifestyle can do. :)

Burpee Madness 12 minutes, 12 rounds, 3 times through 4 exercises. 10 seconds off, 50 seconds of pushing your hardest. This one will get you sweating! Dumbbell pushup burpee with jump 8 / 6 / 5.5 Burpee Step up 9 / 8.5 / 7 Divebomber burpee 6 / 5 / 5 Side burpee 12 / 13 / 12

720 reps Challenge from nerdgirl 100 mountain climbers 50 forward lunges (alternating legs) 30 side lunges 20 burpees 100 high knees 10 dive bombers 25 plank jacks 25 commando pushu

8 weeks to BIGGER shoulders

  • Magnus Hultberg

    I really can't stand these "8 weeks to this...", "Fast guide to the beach bod...", "10 ways to..." It's a bit like the muscle version of fad dieting. Just bloody work.

  • Rebecca Lynn-Nicholson

    I don't think 8 weeks is an unreasonable time to see changes, however I get your drift, there are no quick fixes, and in 8 weeks I'm not going to go from my shoulders to his (thank god!)

What's your excuse? That's freakin awesome!

Body Building Grandma Ernestine Shepherd Bench Presses, Runs Marathons At 74