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Legendary actor Marlon Brando is said to haunt Tetiaroa, the private island sanctuary where he lived for years. While he was still alive, friends say that Brando believed he was being haunted by Dag Drollet, the murdered lover of his daughter Cheyenne. Sources say that Brando described ghostly whispers and poltergeist action. 'It's terrifying,' Brando supposedley said of the haunting. 'I know it's Dag's angry spirit.'

i have seen stuff like this so super cool

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Salem Witch Museum Alanna sent this ghost picture taken in Salem, Massachusetts in front of the Witch Museum. It looks like an orb vapor trail...but what whited-out her face?

Ghost Pictures: Salem Witch Museum Ghost Picture

"I took this picture of myself looking at the mirror. It was very hard as my hands were trembling."-exerpt from a letter written by Anastasia to her father on October 28, 1914

Athens Lunatic Asylum (OH). On December 1, 1978, a patient named Margaret Schilling disappeared from one of the active wards. On January 12, 1979, they found her body in the abandoned top floor of ward N. 20. The official cause of death was heart failure. Her body left a stain on the floor... After her death they tried cleaning the body stain, but the stain would just reappear and is still visible to this day.

Donald Decker ~ PA - Phenomenon enabled him to cause rain around him after grandfather's death as teenager Feb ‘83 - At friend's house in bathroom attacked by grandfather’s spirit - Scratched his forearm - Later, in living room rain fell in house - Don & friends went to cafe & rain continued - On week leave from jail for receiving stolen property - Went back to finish sentence - Sent to priest after causing rain in cell – Performed several exorcisms & ceremonies - Eventually, stopped forever

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✯ The Gjenganger comes back from the dead because he left something undone in life, was murdered, or committed suicide. The Gjenganger commits violence against the living and can spread disease by pinching a victim, or in some traditions by biting the face. The Gjenganger also appears in Danish and Swedish lore under slightly different spellings.✯

What is this black figure at a wedding held in a church? Per the original submitter, neither guests nor bridesmaids noticed anything strange during the ceremony.

Ghost Picture of the Day: Wedding Day Terror | Ghosts and Ghouls

Chinatown Los Angeles is one of the most haunted places in all of Los Angeles. The Chinese massacre of 1871 was a racially motivated riot on October 24, 1871, when a mob of over 500 white men entered Los Angeles' Chinatown to attack, rob and murder Chinese residents of the city. The dead Chinese in Los Angeles were hanging at three places near the heart of the downtown business section of the city; from the wooden awning over the sidewalk in front of a carriage shop; from the sides of two ...

Phantom Los Angeles: Chinatown, Los Angeles

When my daughter was little she came out if her room one day and said " Papa said hi and he loves you" now I didn't realize my stepdad had come over so I asked her when he came over and she replied "not that Papa mommy, Papa Bill! He was playing with me in my room and told me to get up and tell you that! You're silly mommy" Now Papa Bill is my real father who died when I was 6 years old and there would be no way for her to know who he was because she was too little at the time!

Ever feel like your being followed? Well, maybe you are. If you feel that a spirit has followed you home, never fear. It may be friendly, but if it bothers you, your family, or your pets, that’s when it’s time to strike back with a smudge stick!

Some Weird Illustrations (F.S. Coburn)

They write, "One day my brother and his friends went to this haunted, deserted house that's over 180 years old. It's in Antioch, TN. They brought their camera and took pics, and things showed up in the pics that weren't there. I circled them in red." Find out information on paranormal locations at

Feburary Ghost Photo Gallery!

This baby was three weeks old and was resting comfortably in her car seat when the mother took a picture - After the picture was developed, she saw the gray image next to the baby that appeared to be another baby - The mother had lost her first baby due to a miscarriage and thinks that this was her lost baby coming to watch over her newborn sister.

Curiosities: Real Life True Scary Ghost Pictures

Curiosities: Real Life True Scary Ghost Pictures

One minute I was making coffee. The next, my spoon was gone. I looked up and there it was. There was nobody else in the room. As written in 'Paranormal Intruder: The True Story of a Family in Fear. #paranormal

Len's Ghosts on the Stairway. www.anomalies-unl...

Len's Ghosts on the Stairway

The tombstone of Betsey Bell, who was the main victim of the torment exacted on the Bell family by the Bell Witch. She was subjected to hair pulling, scratching, sticking with pins, and even savage beating by the angry spirit, presumably of the Bell’s old neighbor Kate who was a witch. People, including the future president Andrew Jackson came from miles around to witness the terrible power of this most infamous poltergeist. The spirit was incredibly strong, able to lift heavy objects, speak, s…

Ghost hunting at this school at night. Took this pic in the principal's office with lights out using a flash. Apparently, a former nun here is still watching over the school.

Catholic School Haunt

Nancy's husband snapped this photograph of a seemingly colorless, misty-looking man walks among the crowd of people at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC, December 23, 2013

Scary Pictures Real Ghost | Mike Krause photo of what appears to be a ghost at Jones cemetery on ...

Mary Malinda is said to haunt Horton's Books & Gifts - the oldest bookstore in #Georgia.