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Supernatural Supermarket Captures 'Ghost' On Security Footage IT HAS TO BE A WOMAN...WE LOVE TO SHOP. LOL

Real Ghost Pictures: The Famous Black Monk of Pontefract Poltergeist case

Jenglot. These are the corpses of men who practiced magic. The earth has rejected them; they do not decompose like ordinary men, but shrink and shrivel to the size of dolls. Thought to be responsible for many misfortunes. Often, when one hires a psychic to eliminate one's bad luck, the psychic will investigate the area and find a jenglot buried nearby.

All Unusual in Our Lives

Its darkened shores are strewn with polished human bones. It is supposed to be so scary that no tourists are ever allowed to set foot on it As the Black Death spread through Europe the island was used as a lazaretto and plague pit. Living victims, including children and babies, were taken to the island and thrown into the pits with the rotting corpses and left to die. Over 160, 000 people died on the isl


taken by a digital naked or half naked person walked by at the time...


Untitled by -88- | 500px

16 Terrifying Encounters With ‘The Black...

16 Terrifying Encounters With 'The Black Eyed Kids'

Hauntings In South Dakota | True Hauntings of America: Glensheen Mansion Ghost

True Hauntings of America: Glensheen Mansion Ghost

Abandoned truck

Ghosts caught on film! What in the world is THAT?

Ghosts caught on film!

This picture was taken in Manila, Philippines on a Nokia 7250 phone. Neither of the girls report any strange feeling or a presence at the time the picture was taken, but the fact that the picture has been taken with a digital camera makes the possibility of a double-exposure unlikely.

View real ghost pictures!

This famous photo of a young girl looking out from a raging fire was taken during a 1995 structure fire at Wem town hall in Shropshire, England. Shot from across the street by a local photographer, nothing unusual was seen at the time but once the negative was developed he noticed what appeared to be a young girl standing in the doorway of the burning building. Firemen found the photo so disturbing that they sifted through the ashes afterwards searching for the remains of a body but found nothi

Top 10 Best Ghost Photographs

A ghost in the middle of the road. Ghost Photo sent to us by Jan Mosby.


Paranormal Investigator French Psychic Medium Jeanette Q. Baird Flew all the way in from Paris France to become Possessed by a ghost or demon at a paranormal investigation in New Mexico. Gayle Knapp sends us this photo as what she believe to be the image of a real ghost that haunts a young single mothers Roswell Haunted House. She Believes this is the most haunted house in New Mexico.


Partial Bodied Apparition... - Gallery!

I never seem to learn my lesson about antiques and the things attached to them. Brought home this old French Creole bombe chest from a curiosity shop in the Bywater district of New Orleans (seen here at the shop). Since it’s been here we’ve seen blue orbs, experienced cold spots and seen a figure standing near

This ghost photo is from , Haunted London. London is said to be one of the worlds most haunted cities.

Ghosts Or No Ghosts Is The Question

Peg Entwhistle. Committed suicide by leaping off the "H" of the Hollywood sign, 1932. She supposedly haunts the sign still today.

Peg Entwistle - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Ghost Story about a Haunted Doll!

Haunted Doll Ghost Story

Ghost Photo: Departing Soul?

Ghost Photo: Departing Soul? | Ghosts and Ghouls