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Pinterest Scavenger hunt!

I thought of a simple project while I was browsing tons of pictures on Pinterest and a brilliant idea got on my mind. Why don’t we make a SOCIAL GAME out of it? So I decided to bring the people together and make them find secret clues and solve puzzles together on using Pinterest. More info can be found on my blog if you follow the pictures! Please repin to spread the word!

Follow and repin the image so we get as many people as possible playing this game. First clues will be released in the upcoming days. If you need more info about the game I've started please read my blog pinterestsh.wordp... Cheers!

I've decided to make the first pinterest social game. I haven't seen it yet so I thought it would be a fun idea to try it out. I hope you like it and please repin it so the word gets as far as possible! Follow the box to get the info of my social pinterest game! Cheers!