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The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

$20 DIY Pallet Wall | Cape 27 i love this as a kitchen backsplash idea!

$20 DIY Pallet Wall

Halloween is for everyone... :)

Burning match spider ~

Gothic Art Doll. Creepy possessed Girl Elza. 30''.

Crow Mother by Ute Vasina. LOVE IT!

Peony in June by Diana Fegredo

#trains I love the history, the sound. This was the top of travel, amazed people they could move across country so fast. Rose Wilder spoke beautiful words of the lonely, beautiful call of a train whistle. The look of people on trains, wondering where they were going. There stories. That's why I love trains: they took lives to their destinies, carried stories across our nation, increased it's growth.

Madame Satan. Séduction George Achille-Fould (1858-1951)

Siamese Cats by Rachel Parker.