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Grab-It & Steam-It

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You can transition easily over vinyl, tile and wood floors without changing products or machines.

I filled the steam mop's removable water tank and got to work.

When I pulled my Grab-It & Steam-It out of the box, I whispered to it, “You’ve got a big job ahead of you, Oreck.”

This is Oreck’s Grab-It & Steam-It turbo broom and steam mop and, let me tell you, it is a multitasking workhorse.

I mean really, they couldn't have made it much easier for a woman on-the-go to 'kill two birds with one stone?'

My second favorite component to the Grab-It and Steam-It steam mop is that is comes with a removable water tank for easy filling. No more fumbling with funnels and tiny plastic pitchers to fill those pesky in-mop water tanks with the too-small, awkwardly placed fill holes.

Lightweight and easy to store, I keep my Grab-It and Steam-It in the pantry for easy access and within just about a minute of plugging it in, the indicator light illuminates, letting me know that it's ready to steam and sanitize my sealed hardwood floors.

I spend roughly two hours per week steam cleaning my floors and the Oreck Grab-It & Steam-It steam mop has made me look forward to those two hours like never before.

Ahh, yes...a nice sparkly clean floor. Much better, huh?

The on/off buttons are simple, and once you have the steam powered on for about 30 seconds, a pretty blue light comes on letting you know it's ready to go. Then all you do is hold a little trigger on the handle to activate the steam.

One of my absolute favorite features of this? It has a ridiculously long cord - which I LOVE.

This beauty has sweeping AND steaming functions all in one tidy little package. And you know what that means? One less thing to drag out, AND more productivity overall...score!

The Grab-It & Steam-It is really amazing. I do love my new steam mop. See the before, during and after photo!

The Grab-It & Steam-It is so easy to maneuver, easy to put together and is small enough to hide away when I don't want to use it! needed a good cleaning. Once you're finished, you simply remove the pad and toss it right in the washing machine! Easy peasy.

The Grab-It & Steam-It is also on a swivel base so it's easy to get into hard to reach places that seem to collect the most dirt!

No need to sweep and then mop. This thing does both. You can easily switch it from "sweep" to "steam" with a simple touch of a button.

When it arrived at our house, we couldn't wait to open it. It was so light, sleek and if I'm being completely honest, I believe I used the word "pretty."

See the steam?? That floor could use a good steam, that's for sure.

It did a great job of getting the rice up with few passes. It didn’t just push it around the floor.

The Grab-It & Steam-It "reservoir" is easy to open and clean out. You could also wash it out in the sink if you needed.

Getting started with your Grab-It & Steam-It is so simple. Snap the handle on, snap the steamer pad onto the bottom, fill the water tank with water, plug it in and turn it on! Step-by-step photos by @Jill Nystul

Anything in it's unencumbered path was immediately sucked up into the little removable receptacle. Including licorice snaps and blood glucose strips.

We hope there's always a little Oreck under the tree!

There are different settings for the steam, depending on what kind of floor you have in your home.