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Oregon Government Publications

Information published by the government of Oregon. The Oregon State Library supports government transparency and civic education by ensuring consistent and coordinated permanent public access to information published by Oregon state government.

94 Pins

Western juniper management : a field guide by Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board

Road usage charge pilot program 2013 & per-mile charge policy in Oregon by Oregon Department of Transportation

Oregon cranberries at a glance by Oregon State University, Department of Horticulture and Extension Service

Voters' pamphlet, State of Oregon general election by Oregon Office of the Secretary of State

Western gray squirrel : Sciurus griseus by the Oregon State University Extension Service

Rabies-positive animals, Oregon by Oregon Acute and Communicable Disease Prevention

Essential salmonid habitat maps by the Oregon Department of State Lands

Plant pest risk assessment for flowering rush, Butomus umbellatus L. by Oregon Department of Agriculture

Oregon broadband adoption by Oregon Broadband Advisory Council

Greater sage-grouse conservation assessment and strategy for Oregon by Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife

Storytime : every day, everywhere by Oregon Early Learning Council

Evaluation of the adequacy of leading green building certification systems to recognize the social, environmental, and economic values of Oregon grown wood by Oregon Department of Forestry

Cascadia playbook overview : developing a quick reference guide for the first 14 days by Oregon Emergency Management

Living Well with Chronic Conditions data report by Living Well with Chronic Conditions Program.

It happened 14,400 years ago : Oregon archaeology celebration October 2014.

Waterway authorizations : does your use of a waterway require state authorization? by the Oregon Department of State Lands

Oregon harvest for schools by the Oregon Harvest for School Program, Oregon Department of Education.

Oregon Commission on Autism Spectrum Disorders report to the governor.

Pay inequality in Oregon : Oregon Council on Civil Rights formal recommendations presented to Brad Avakian, Commissioner, Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries.

Wildfire knows no season : stop fires before they start by Oregon Department of Forestry and Keep Oregon Green

Preliminary statewide rail safety review by the Oregon Office of the Governor.

Wildfire smoke and your health by the Oregon Health Authority, Public Health Division.

Oregon watershed councils by the Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board

Welcome to the Pacific Northwest, have a safe ride! : motorcycling tips for a safe Oregon trip by the Governor's Advisory Committee on Motorcycle Safety and Transportation Safety, ODOT.

Preventing exposure to hazardous chemicals in laboratories by Oregon OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Division)