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Organic Armor

Organic Armor sculpts costumes for festival revelers, belly dancers, cosplay divas and celestial warriors. It looks like ancient metal or leather, but it's a unique mix of lightweight, flexible rubber, acrylic and fiber. Look amazing AND be comfortable! Especially suited to performance. We make horns of all sizes, top hats, circlets and accessories. We love custom projects. Handmade with love in Asheville, NC.

Cleopatra headdress worn by Luna Vatra, shot by Cerebral Aperture

Cleopatra headdress This was based on the one worn by Liz Taylor in the 1963 film. Commissioned by the very talented dancer Jaydee Amrita Copperfield. It was a thrill and a challenge sculpting it. About 26" tall and approx. 4 pounds. The plume is removable.

Hathor Horns in antique white, model Chandler Steele, photo by @Dim Horizon Studio

Bracers inspired by Brian #Froud. Model Patrice Wilson. Photo by #TempusFugitDesign #asheville

curvy goodness in a custom #steampunk #tophat

Balinese inspired belly dance set and the Egyptian Mina set. The models are Memphis Moonshine and Amanda Swafford. Photography by Photos by Luna

Queen of the Damned times 3, #akasha

MeganMayDay in her Angela from Spawn cosplay. Photo by PirateXx Magic

#Maleficent #headdress, based on upcoming film with Angelina Jolie. Elegant evil

#Angela from #Spawn #cosplay commissioned by/model Megan Mayday, photo RLG photography

silvery blue horned headdress

AURYN medallion from The Neverending Story

Queen Soirdormi #cospay headdress

Blog | Organic Armor

Queen Soridormi #cosplay at #Blizzcon, made by Organic Armor, inspired by Vaanel, #wow,

Large Hathor horns, photo by Tempus Fugit

#Cosplay headdress for World of Warcraft character Queen #Soridormi, made to premiere at #Blizzcon, based on a design by #Vaanel, #wow

Fae Magazine feature about us, Winter issue 2013-14

Victorian ornamented vest with elvish lines, made for the Steampunk Overlord in 2011

Lady Loki set - large horned headdress, corset, bracers.

Lady Ann models our Queen of the Damned style headdress at Vampire Day Bristol Renaissance Faire, Wisconsin. Photo by Ivan Phillips.

Merman pauldron set by Organic Armor, custom made for Christomer Starfish