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This week’s video uses the Disney classic Sleeping Beauty to help writers think outside the box when choosing protagonists.

5 Editing Tips that will Save Your Story | The Get it Write Tonight Blog | S. Alex Martin. Will read later.

Need to replace 'paint' with write, but I feel like this applies to all forms of art.

What filler is, where it’s often found, why it’s so corrosive to your story, and how to edit filler out of your book.

Analyze your scenes to ensure each one erects obstacles between your character and his goal.

Keeping your protagonist and antagonist from being too black and white will make them seem more real, as well as more interesting.

This week’s video talks about a type of conflict that works within the story, but which often causes more annoyance to readers than it’s worth.

If you keep in mind these five elements of story structure, you’re more likely to succeed than you’d be if you ignored them.

Solid advice for any writer, found on a middle school bulletin board.