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Occupational Therapy for Adults

---DO IT YOURSELF ENTRY --- PURPOSE: To enable an individual with limited grasp to open drawers with knob pulls. The knobs can be removed and a length of parachute cord (available in hardware stores) threaded through the holes and knotted inside the drawer. Repinned by SOS Inc. Resources

AbleData: Products

What fun! Kids use paperclips to clip same color papers together. You know they always want to use these!

Fine Motor Skills - PreKinders

Brain Anatomy And Function | Shame is feeling poorly about self, not the actions. The result is an ...

Shame, not guilt is linked to chemical dependency

Disabilities of the Arm, Shoulder, and Hand (DASH) Outcome Measure - Great tool for a hand therapy setting

Making Aging Positive by Linda P. Fried, theatlantic: 'Many of my older-adult patients wanted to make a difference in the world but, finding no role for themselves, were treated as socially useless. Having created a new stage of life, the next step is to make it meaningful.' #Aging #Meaningful_Life

Making Aging Positive

A therapist must know this muscle group and its trigger points very well if they are to offer effective solutions to their client’s chest pain, upper back pain, shoulder pain, radiating arm pain or thoracic outlet syndrome, wrist pain, and hand pain complaints. The job of releasing Scalene trigger points is made more difficult by the somewhat hidden location of the muscle group and its proximity to many important nerve trunks and blood vessels in the neck region.

Exercises To Improve Balance That Are Safe, Simple And Effective For Older Adults And The Elderly.

Krames Online - Occupational Safety: Adaptive Bathroom Equipment & Home Safety

Anatomy of the Hand and Wrist by ~Black-Rose227 on deviantART

Anatomy of the Hand and Wrist by Black-Rose227 on deviantART

Benefits of outdoor play and development of praxis and motor planning. www.toolstogrowot...

Outdoor Play & Praxis | Blog | Tools To Grow, Inc.

shoulder impingement | Shoulder impingement treatment and therapy

Shoulder Impingement Treatment « Injured Shoulder

Home Health Handouts (understanding the discharge process, energy conservation, & home safety in large print)

10 ideas for helping frail or housebound elderly stay engaged and active.

Nursing Home Boredom

Home After a Stroke: The World's Tiniest Hand Splints

Home After a Stroke: The World's Tiniest Hand Splints

games-for-upperlimb-stroke-rehabilitation-seminar by James Burke via Slideshare

Games For Upper-limb Stroke Rehabilitation (Seminar)