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The Brain of an Occupational Therapist :)

This blow molded textured tub transfer bench with removable armrest and reversible backrest, has holes in the seat to prevent slipping and easy drainage.

Memory apps for Dementia icon

Memory Apps for Dementia

The seat of this Tub Transfer Bench glides over polished, high-strength aluminum tubes, it also has the ability to swivel, locking every 90 degree interval, allowing easier entry to and exit from the bench.

alarms when a door is open. great for alzheimers patients.

Door Stop Alarm - Security Door Stop - Walter Drake

Assistive Dining Device (Arm Sling)

Assistive Dining Device (Arm Sling)

Occupational Therapist... No, I am not your Nurse or your Physical Therapist I am Not here to find you a job. I am here to help you Get Your Life Back!

great site for advice on pain, learning anatomy, rehab exercises and lots more

Head CTs and Bleeds...helpful neuro info-my world in nursing currently maybe this can tell me what I'm looking at some days..... || How to Read a Head CT

The ARC: Who can benefit from using The ARC: *Individuals who spend hours in front of computers or looking down at tablets or phones *Migraine and headache sufferers as a result of neck muscle referral pain *Gamers *Martial Artists *Musicians *Individuals that carry tension in their upper shoulders *Athletes *Travelers (flying and driving) *Any one with neck soreness, stiffness or pain!

Neck support Neck Pain Relieve

Wrist bones- Carpal bones highlighted, as seen in the right hand. Proximal: A=Scaphoid B=Lunate C=Triquetrum (Triangular)*Piramidal D=Pisiform Distal: E=Trapezium F=Trapezoid G=Capitate H=Hamate

Apps for Brain Injury Rehab

APP-titude: Apps for Brain Injury Rehab

This is the foot sleeve that compresses the ankle and foot to help combat the painful symptoms of plantar fasciitis. Unlike bulky "night splints," the sleeve slips on like a sock, providing varying degrees of compression that reduce inflammation, increase circulation, and accelerate the healing process. It can be worn when sleeping to reduce morning heel pain or during the day under socks for continuous support.

Mal-Aligned Rib Cage: A Case Study | Singapore Physiotherapy for Musculoskeletal Conditions

Mal-Aligned Rib Cage: A Case Study

Anatomy and Physiology: Endocrine System | Nursing Crib

Anatomy and Physiology: Endocrine System | Nursing Crib

Myofascial Release: Romboids and Trapezius Stroke Another thing to add to the massage!

Myofascial Release, Whole Body Balance, Lasting Results, True Deep Tissue

Home After a Stroke: Applying Make-up One-Handed

Home After a Stroke: Applying Make-up One-Handed