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36 Sneaky Hidden Compartments

Fake Fiberglass Rock - to cover escape hatch for shelter

secret room IN the stairs! I need a secret room somewhere in my house..

How to Build a Hidden Pivot Bookcase Door - Includes Easy to Follow Illustrations and Instructions. What a Great Idea!

Before you build that cache tube, read this

I tiny hideout that looks like a bush... I could totally make this work SHTF & Prepping Central - www.shtfpreparedn... See more pics here>>

Detailed tutorial for making a hidden bookcase door.

Hidden Storage Ideas and Secret Compartments - Dozens Upon Dozens of Neat Ways to Safely Hide and Conceal Your Valuables... So Many Ideas I've Not Seen Before!

Couch Safe to Protect Your Weapons. Cushions Double as Personal Protection too! Warning: You're Going to Need a Second Job to Afford One But it's Still Fun to Dream... ;)

Instructions for building a secret underground bunker

Hidden Storage and Secret Compartments

The Ten Best Places To Hide Crap In Your Car

How to build a false floor in your car trunk

Multi-Book Secret Storage Compartment

yeah, this is the idea for storage under the stair steps. Perfect tool chest!

Cool ideas on how to hide your valuables. - Page 11 - Survivalist Forum

Sometimes a log in the woods is more than just a log. Diy for around the fire, store tongs and other fire goods in the drawers

Wretha's Adventures Living Off Grid: Prepping on a budget, part 3 – food storage and security

Hidden Doorways - Imgur

Flip-out Boardwalk Rail