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Albanian Cuisine

Travelers visiting Albania, should definitely put tasting Albanian food on top of their to do lists. Rich in flavors and variety Albanian cuisine will not disappoint even the pickiest ones.

Beans or Fasule, as they call it in #Albania, is a very popular dish in winter time. There is nothing better than a plate of warm homemade bean soup on a cold winter day. www.outdooralbani...

Amazing ALBANIA: Foods

Petulla is a very popular traditional dish. Albanians usually eat it for breakfast with white cheese, jam or honey. To experience authentic Albania, please visit our website www.outdooralbani...

Amazing ALBANIA: Foods
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Albania has great traditions of wine making that trace back to the Illyrian times. When you are around, do not miss a chance to have a sip of Albanian wine.

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Albania is blessed with Mediterranean climate which allows it to cultivate a lot of olives. They are definitively an essential part of Albanians' diet. There is a big variety of tastes and flavors of Albanian olives depending on the region they come form. www.outdooralbani...


    Olives & Raki, Albanian moonshine, are sacred in ou

Our 3-day trip to Thethi includes a home stay with traditional dinners cooked by local families, as well as experiencing traditional cuisine in local restaurants. This is combined with the stunning views of the Albanian Alps and a short visit to Shkoder, which make this 3-day trip an unforgettable experience.

Meat is an essential part of Albanian diet. The meats of choice are beef and lamb. Llogara and Voskopoje regions are famous for their lamb meat. Albanians from around the country drive there just to have a nice lunch with lamb meat. www.outdooralbani...

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Baklava is Albanian's inheritance from the Ottoman times. It is a preferred desert in many Albanian homes. Another desert that is very much valued in Albania is very simple and refreshing that is fresh fruits dressed with honey. www.outdooralbani...

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Dairy products play an important role in Albanian cuisine. White cheese is preferred by a lot of Albanian families. They like eating it as a separate dish as well as using it as an ingredient for many dishes. Yogurt is another dairy of choice. It is consumed daily by large amount of Albanian families. www.outdooralbani...