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When someone says "my stomach hurts" they don't realize all the stuff running through a nurses mind

How Do Doctors Always Know So Much?

When the patient tells you they haven't pooped in 13 days. Nurse humor. Nursing humor. Registered nurse funny. RN. Nurse problems.

I'd like to propose a toast... To patients who can wipe themselves!

Digital Stethoscope, this is so cool

Optical Stethoscope by Seobin Oh & JoonHee Kim » Yanko Design

Sorry I mispronounced your baby's name you made up.

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Nursing School: where you’re expected to have equivalent knowledge and responsibility as a Dr. in two years or less!

Antidote/reversal agents: Acetaminophen: acetylcysteine [Mucomyst] Benzodiazepine: flumazenil [Ramazicon] Curare: edrophonium [Tensilon] Cyanide poisoning: methylene blue Digitalis: digoxin immune FAB [Digibind] Ethylene poisoning: fomepizole [Antizol] Heparin and enoxaprin [Lovenox]: protamine sulfate Iron: deferoxamine [Desferal] Lead: succimer [Chemet] Magnesium Sulfate: calcium gluconate 10% [Kalcinate] Narcotics: naloxone [Narcan] Warfarin: phytonadione [vitamin K]

Let's celebrate Nurses Week by crapping our pants and making others clean it up.

Top 10 Funny Nursing Quotes And Memes To Complete Your Day -

Haha therapeutic communication

lab values- need to print something like this out, and have it with me always!