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Oxfam Scotland

Oxfam Scotland

Scottish arm of Oxfam GB working to overcome poverty & suffering. Find us on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ & MySpace.

Great update from the #PeoplesClimate March in Edinburgh by Edinburgh University Oxfam group

Our Sarah is in New York - "Today is a day I and LOTS of others have been working towards for a long time. This week 100+ world leaders gather in NYC to talk about climate change. This weekend there are 2808 solidarity events in 166 countries. The largest climate march in history. Watch the global live feed from here. TO CHANGE EVERYTHING, WE NEED EVERYONE" ‪#‎PeoplesClimate‬

From @ClimatEdinburgh Please bring your friends to the #PeoplesClimate March, Edinburgh this Sunday! Spread the word!

Post Referendum Statement from our Head of Scotland #IndyRef

Thank you to all our supporters who took an #IndyRef action as part of our "Close Scotland's Inequality Gap" campaign

#IndyRef Our Curriculum Adviser, Anne Kane, has written a great blog on young people getting involved in the debate

Two minute action: As the #IndyRef approaches ask both sides how they would tackle inequality

"We care about #Inequality: do you?" Report and video from our recent #IndyRef hustings event

Selection of lovely cupcakes for tomorrow's 'Gies it for Gaza pub quiz'. Glad cafe, Shawlands, Glasgow. 7pm come along. #oxjam #oxfamscotland #gaza

We've asked both sides of the #IndyRef what they would do to tackle the inequality gap, join us in action here

Many thanks to everyone who has donated to the @DECappeal Gaza appeal. Scots have donated £930,000 in just one month!

"Re-Inventing Our Economy For People & The Planet" this Wed & Thu at Glasgow University reinventoureconom... & like

New Scotland events for Sept & Oct added, including our Student Summit, partner Film Screenings and a Food Conference

CHAD HOGAN is having a party and everyone in Glasgow is invited. 25th September. £5 standard £3 for students. Check Oxjam Facebook for details.

Big card game held for all Stirling members of the Oxfamily. 19th September £5 entry. Check FB for details.

Gies it for Gaza! 17th September. A live music event held by We're Skint They're Skinter at Glad Cafe in Shawlands. Starts at 7pm entry £5. Check Facebook for details.

Our Guest Blog for Take One Action: Why inequality is a problem we can't afford to ignore www.takeoneaction...

Congrats to West Dunbartonshire Community Foodshare - great donations but scandal they are needed...

New events: "Reinventing Our Economy for People and the Planet" & "Our Common Wealth of Food"

South Sudan Hunger Crisis: Oxfam CEO Mark Goldring calls for urgent action

Looking forward to tonight's #IndyRef debate? Make sure you challenge Yes Scotland & Better Together on #inequality

Great wee letter of support for #Gaza from Peebles, praises our part in the DEC Appeal. Please give as you can peeblesshirenews....

Excellent set of climate change educational materials via Oxfam Education & The Climate Coalition

Almost £1m has been awarded by @ScotGov to three charities, inc @Oxfam, to continue supporting their work in Africa

A mobile clinic in #Gaza brings healthcare to families who have lost everything