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Sock bun - Step 1: Cut the toe of the sock off. Step 2: Roll the sock into a doughnut shape. Step 3: Put your hair up in a pony tail. Sep 4: Slide the sock onto the end of your pony tail. Step 5: Roll the sock down the ponytail gathering your hair along with it and tucking it into the sock along the way. Step 6: Roll it all the way down to your head and pin as desired.

Master the "sock bun," the "headband technique, the "beard" and the "paper bag curl" for perfect curls overnight!

Make A Twist And Tuck Braided Updo For Hair | hairstyles tutorial

Step-by-Step instructions on How to braid your hair - basic, fishtail, french, french over, french rope, princess ann, rope - with lots of pictures for each Um. Need this guide.

This guide contains hair curling tips. Whether using a curling iron or rollers there are things to learn to get the curl you want.

This simple vintage wave tutorial will help you up your fancy factor! #hair #waves

Hair blog you'll be sad you didn't pin. Every hair tip there ever was, categorized in one place.