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Easy guidelines for growing ornamental edibles!

Ornamental Edibles | The Garden Glove

Want to save money on seeds next year? Save your veggie seeds! This article tells you how to save the most commonly planted seeds.

How to Save Seeds - Save Garden Seeds - Save Vegetable Seeds

25+ Clever Ideas Gardeners Won’t Want To Miss

25+ Clever Ideas Gardeners Won’t Want To Miss :

Stepables: Cool ideas for plants and ground cover for your Paths and Walkways!

How to Make Instant Garden Beds - Organic Garden - MOTHER EARTH NEWS

How to Make Instant Garden Beds

Why you need to prune new wood hydrangea bloomers in late winter. | Illustration: Jillian Ditner |

All About Hydrangeas

I'm so surprised to find out why tomatoes split and the tricks to preventing it is so obvious. How did I not think of that........

Obviously now we know so much more about medicine we do not need to rely upon our gardens for healing. But I love the peace and serenity of herbal gardens and I just felt like designing a more comtempory herbal area with a flavour of from the past. From a more practical point of view the notes section has shown how nicely the area expands when you want to add your information and although a journal is being added to the Garden Planner this summer You can still squeeze a decent amount in here.

plant fruit trees close together and keep them very small to increase production. Great tips here to grow lots of fruit in a very small space!